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Happy Friday



We are happy here at my house……why?  Well because Mom has her computer back all fixed up (that means I can visit with you!) and Dad has his beloved Blazer back and his wallet is aching due to the $900 spent fixing it, and the refrigerator is full of bacon so I’m obviously happy – see?  We’re ALL happy!

I have to say that Mom did go just a little but nutso yesterday because she couldn’t get online.  Sad isn’t it?  Everyone is hooked on computerizing!   Well, such is the way of the world.  If not for the computer I wouldn’t have my blog, and if not for my blog you would be UNAWARE that there’s a ginger, polydactyl kitty in Virginia who loves bacon and teases the heck out of everyone on Tuesdays!

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate around here – because everything didn’t get back from repair shops until late in the day so we couldn’t celebrate last night.   There will be EXTRA bacon Mom says.  EXTRA…….I do like that word!

I spent yesterday sleeping – following the sun puddles – we had rain for so many days I’ve been enjoying the last few when we’ve had sun – just in time for there to be rain later today but yesterday was FAB.   I started enjoying it when the sun made it over the trees………

Love it!

Love it!

I continued moving from dining room to library to upstairs guest room to hallway to stairs………..wherever Mr. Sun went, I followed…………

Sam in Library

I guess I can put up with a little bit of rain since we did have three or so days of sun right?  “Into each life a little rain must fall” !

I’m already working on next week’s Teaser………….you know I like to have them lined up so I’m not staying up late on a Monday night trying to find something to TEASE you properly.   I have FOUR candidates for next Tuesday – FOUR!   I could do the “eeny meeny miney mo” thing to pick one but instead I’ll try to get the one I think will give you the MOST challenge.   You DO like a challenge right?   Right?

Until tomorrow – when the BACON shall flow freely – I’ll see you then!



Oh No…..Snow!


Remember me telling you that our snow was GONE?  Well it came back…….I thought once that stuff melted it was gone but apparently at night when you go to sleep, the sneak back onto your lawn!   This is news to me – or maybe I just never noticed that before.   I had NO snow yesterday and this morning:

January Snow Flurries

Tuesday morning…….

Huh??????  More snow?

Wednesday morning!

Go figure………..you CANNOT trust snow………that’s what I’m saying!

Snow Is Sneaky 

I’m starting to have dreams of SUMMER……….beaches………..sunshine……….thinking maybe this year for my Blogaversary in May, I’ll do a beach party…..yeah I know – it’s not really the heart of summer then but so what?   I looked through my photos for some beach shots……….made me want to do a beach party even more – what do you think??

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So yes indeed…………..this winter stuff and sneaky snow better STOP because I get cranky if I don’t get what I want…………….no more Mr. Nice Guy……………I want some sunny days and no more sneaky snow.

Have a SUNNY day if you can, and if not – be like me – get grumpy about it!

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.   Today is my friend Gracie’s birthday so if you stop by her blog HERE, and wish her a happy one, I bet she’d just LOVE that!!!!! 



Beddy Time


Good Morning!    Yawn…………….well, it’s sheet changing day and I’m going to make it as difficult as I usually do for Mom to get those old sheets off and the new sheets on.  If I handled Thursday in some other way, she wouldn’t know how to behave or what to do!  She’s just prepared for me to park my tocks on the bed and be so cute that she wouldn’t DARE disturb me….sneaky huh??

I bet you do the same thing – now come on – tell the truth.  Either you do like me and park yourself OR you like all that running around under the fresh sheets where you can leave your furs all over the place………or if you’re lucky, you’ll get your nails dug in and maybe even poke some nice holes in the sheets while you’re in there!!!   Now I wouldn’t do that of course (tee hee) but I do like to make things DIFFICULT.  It’s what I do – hey – anything for entertainment right?

We might get some snow today – just flurries and they won’t stick (they say) but who knows.  The weather peeps don’t ALWAYS tell the truth now do they???   If it does snow I’ll get Mom to take a photo with the flashy box because some of you (no kidding) LIKE that white stuff!!  Me – I’m thinking BEACH WEATHER……..sigh.

Now THIS is more like it!

Now THIS is more like it!

Have a good Thursday – it’s Beddy Day here……….I’m gonna make the most of it!

Nite Nite (in the Daytime)

Snoozy Sam