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Chasing The Sun

Ahh....this spot will be sunny for AT LEAST another hour!

Hey...what happened...a few minutes ago the whole stair was covered in sun!

One thing all of us felines have in common it seems is our love of a nice, sunny spot…..sometimes we want to sleep in the sun puddle, sometimes we carry a favorite toy over to play with in the sun, sometimes it’s just to FEEL the sun on our fur. 

But we are super good at learning where to be and when to be there in order to follow the sun in our houses.  In my case, we have three floors of possibilities.  Upstairs, while I love to snooze on my parents’ bed – it’s getting tougher to get up there as my “springiness” begins to get less effective as I age…..but the sun comes in the front windows best and the guest bedroom gets full sun every morning.  Then on the main floor, I have the stairs (like the photo), the library rug and Mom’s chair, under the dining room table (my pouting spot) and then in the afternoon when the sun is in the back of the house, I have the back of the couch OR I ask “pretty please” to go out on the deck in the sun so I can roll around and sunbathe.

Down in the basement I have a chair with an old yellow blanket on it that sits right in front of the french doors out to the backyard.  The chair has been right in that spot for my whole life and in the late afternoon I can ALWAYS be found snoozing there. 

The sun feels good on my old bones……!

Oh – and before I forget to tell you – I’ve started my Santa Wish List and top of the list is something I overheard Mom and Dad talking about the other day – some “cat stairs” or a “carpeted ramp” so I can get up on my parents bed a bit easier since it’s so high off the ground, AND a nice heated and snuggly fleece lined bed so I can stay warm when Mom’s lap and legs (or a sun puddle) aren’t available!  I bet Santa can fit that stuff on his sleigh along with all the other stuff he’ll be delivering to us cats who’ve been good all year long so Santa will come – – – – am I right? 

Happy Wednesday…… 🙂

Sammy, Sun Worshipper Extraordinaire! 


Goodbye Irene…..


Whew!  Mom and I are hoping that all of you who were in the path of that nasty storm Irene are waking up to a much more peaceful morning…..it’s still raining and a little windy here but NOTHING compared to yesterday! 

Ahh....this spot will be sunny for AT LEAST another hour!

Hoping for a little SUN today....

I spent ALL day and ALL night in my safe spot (the basement) while the storm came through so today of course I’m hoping to see some sun. 

We were lucky here I think – so many people had flooding and downed trees and even a few small tornados but we just got BIG wind and BIG rain.   Being on a hill comes in handy. 🙂

We’re all a little bit tired this morning (especially me since I was on alert all day and all night…..yawn……) so my blog is a little short this morning – my paws aren’t hitting the right keys on Mom’s computer keyboard and I’m getting sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepy……so I promise I’ll be my usual chatty catty self tomorrow morning!

I hope all our friends who had to deal with Irene will “report in” this morning and let us know how you are???  Now don’t make me worry about you all day!!!!

Sammy, One Spoiled (and sleepy) Cat