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Sammy’s Cafe’


What?   Sammy’s Café?  What would that be you might ask?  Well, the scoop is this……………….the last three days we have had a little visitor on my front porch and fleetingly through the yard on occasion.  A little (probably year old and no more) black and white tuxie kitty with light green eyes.   She’s shy, but becoming more used to us…….she has “won over” Stevie – our Frequent Moocher cat from the neighborhood who comes to my house for breakfast and dinner every day.  Stevie isn’t easily won over either.  Stevie tries to beat ME up every time I am in my own yard and she comes up to me……..I hiss appropriately and roll to my back ready to fight if I have to but she backs down and gets the message (mainly because my Mom yells at her to STOP)……..Anyway, that’s off the point – Stevie and the little kitty (who Mom has named Tina and who my Dad has named Marilyn) are getting along.

My front porch is an “equal opportunity mooching porch”……..anyone in need of a meal – COME ON DOWN TO SAM’S CAFE’ !!!    I think the word’s getting out in the neighborhood.

Speaking of neighborhood, not one soul is claiming this little tuxie – nobody knows who she belongs to……the little boys next door even went door to door to see if they could find her home.  So, for now, she’s an outdoor kitty with Stevie and we’re feeding her.   Here she is:



Mom knows that because I’m 14 and because I’m formerly feral and very used to being an “only” here with my parents, I can’t have an inside cat living here.  Sound selfish?  Well, we’ve tried and cats pick on me and I get upset and am afraid (I hate to admit it but it’s true!)………..so that’s why we have helped cats out from time to time but they live outside – not inside.

So that’s the big news in my life………….between that excitement and getting ready for my black tie buffet blogaversary party on Saturday – well – me and Mom are BUSY!



A reminder that if you’re coming to my party in your “fancy clothes” and want Jeeves to introduce you when you arrive at my party, send your photos of you in your best gear by Friday noon.   You don’t have to get all dressed up though to come by – we’re celebrating all day long!    WOO HOO!!!!!





To Share, or Not To Share….??

Hmm...this thing has a cool fuzzy tail...kinda tickles my nose!

I'll share SOME of my toys but this one's mine all mine!

In the spirit of sharing (but mostly because Mom just DID it without asking me!!) I’ve “donated” some of my toys to our yardcat, Stevie.  I’m not sure she’s ever had a toy before (unless you count those poor chipmunks she catches and plays with “toys” !).   Yesterday Mom took some of the stuff I don’t play with anymore out on the front porch which is where Stevie hangs out most days either sitting in a rocker or inside her “sleeping cube”.  One toy was filled with catnip and she kind of liked that one, but the other stuff she kind of poked then walked away from.  Like I said, maybe she’s never HAD toys before where she lives. 

Mom and Dad have already told me that if Stevie and I can get along better maybe she can move in with us.  We don’t think she’s happy at her home and she spends almost all day here anyway.  Mom will take her to the doctor to make sure she’s healthy because my parents don’t want me to get sick if Stevie’s sick that’s for sure!  Stevie is mean to me sometimes but maybe we can work something out about territory inside the house.  Since Stevie is used to being an outside cat I suppose she will still spend a lot of time outside.  That might work.  Gives the old guy a break when the young whippersnapper girl cat is outside pestering chipmunks instead of ME.  

I know that it will be a big adjustment going from an only cat of twelve years to sharing my domain with another cat.  As long as she doesn’t try to take my Mom’s lap away from me – and uses her own litter box and eats her own food….well….I’ll TRY to get used to her if I have to.  Still, Mom says this is all a “MAYBE” thing because I’m the most important cat around here. 

It would be kinda nice to have a pal to chase around the house – – – something tells me it would be HER chasing ME though……!!   I’m sure Mom can teach Stevie not to take a swipe at me with her claws which she does sometimes out of nowhere if we’re together on the porch.   I think she wants me to leave so she can move in!  Can’t say that I blame her……this is a nice house, and there are two very swell humans here.   I oughta know…..!!

Happy Thursday Peeps!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat