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OK Mom….I’m Ready!


Let’s do it………let’s get this monsterizing thing out of the way so we can ENJOY the rest of today OK Mom?    I’m ready to help………the faster we do it the better!

"Mr. Clean" (?)

“Mr. Clean” (?)

Now, what else can I do for you?   Wash the dishes?   Hang up the laundry?


I say we goof off the rest of the day……………oh wait – Dad said he was going to use his new string-trimmer and that you were going to tractorize the yard.   That means another whole hour without you allowing me to lie on your lap on my blankie.   Heck…..well, what are you waiting for?   Get out there and DO IT Mom!

Not bad Mom - you're a terror on that tractor!

Not bad Mom – you’re a terror on that tractor!

Tomorrow is Bacon Caturday……………..oh boy!


Welcome to my newest Bacon Club Member – my buddy Raz!


An update on the backyard landscaping project………..the landscape architect guy called Mom today and made an appointment to come see our backyard next Friday!   Oh I’m so excited…….you know what happens when I’m EXCITED!!!


Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

Please Mr. Architect Guy – make my yard more FUN!

Have a pawsome Friday Kiddos!


Happy Straw Hat Day!!


Straw Hat Thursday


Oh gosh!  It’s Straw Hat Day in the blogosphere and I’m celebrating by posting my straw hat photo (don’t I look dashing?) here and in the Tabby Cat Club where you’ll see all kinds of fabulous tabby friends in their hats today!


Mom helped me locate this hat I’m wearing…….tons of swell hats pop up when you google “straw hat” but I needed just the RIGHT one with the RIGHT band on it and I think this one says “SAMMY”……all over it – don’t you??


Here’s the famous Maurice Chevalier in his straw hat……we look a lot alike don’t you think::::


When I found out about Straw Hat Day the first place I checked to see if I could find the Purrrrrrrfect hat was my favorite Cat Hat shop on Etsy.   Have you ever seen this site?   These are all homemade and any cat who’s a fashionista really needs to get familiar with this amazing shop…………….she’s got hats for EVERY occasion……..I have friends who wear the berets and they look fabulous in them………one of these days Mom will fork out the money and get me one of these because – well – don’t we all deserve an amazing chapeau (that’s HAT for those of you who don’t speak French!).    Here’s the link to Scarborough Fair………cat hats and other “headgear” for the discriminating cat (and a few dogs)!

Mom was going to post some updated pix of our gardens since things have grown a tad since we first planted them (of course), but rain off and on has kept her from heading out in the WET grass with her camera to snap photos.  You’ll just have to stay in suspense for that little treat.

That’s about it for today – the BIG EVENT is the Straw Hat Day and can expect to see a lot of them around the blogosphere – these things spread like wildfire you know…….the Cat Blogosphere is a magical place!

Grab a straw hat

and have a PAWSOME Thursday!  


P.S.   Today is the birthday of one of my dearest friends, Queen Nellie!!!