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Mom’s Sunday


Happy Monday folks!   Yesterday, as you know if you read my blog, my Mom was driving with my Dad to Strasburg, Virginia to meet up with one of her good blogging buddies, Miss Dianna of These Days of Mine and her husband.  APPARENTLY they had a good time because I swear Mom seemed like she was gone FOREVER, leaving me “home alone” ….sniff.   I stayed out of trouble though – I napped a lot, watched the squirrels, and did a few chores – like straightening out my toys and rearranging my tissue collection.  I thought about calling Miss Dianna’s cat Sundae so we could have a chat BUT I thought maybe she might be napping in her window seat and I didn’t want to disturb her.

SO, eventually Mom came home and said they had a super duper time – wandered around the antiques place, had lunch, yakked a whole lot, took some pictures, hugged a bunch and home came my parents.  Mom forgot ALLLLL about taking a photo until right before they got in the car to drive home………this is the only photo she got!

Mom said it was fun to meet someone she’d gotten to know through cyberspace because often you never get to do that!  

I’m going to spend today trying to find a really good Tuesday Teaser photo for you guys to “guess where” so don’t forget to check it out tomorrow.  AND also one day this week I think Mom’s going to talk about another one of her PREVIOUS CATS like Charli’s story which you guys seemed to enjoy.  This next one might be about Eddy – the cat who was actually in the mystery novel my Mom wrote. 

Now, before I close things down for the day, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Uncle Jerry.  He’s not my actual UNCLE, but he and Mom have been friends for about a bazillion years a long time so he’s my honorary uncle.  Mr. Jerry’s written a lot of novels and lives in what I call “Swampland” down near New Orleans.  He’s got a swell little dog named Zoe.  She keeps Jerry on his toes.   Hopefully she gave him something special for his birthday – like an extra hour’s sleep instead of waking him up super early for her first walk of the day!


It’s what we do for our humans……..make sure they get up on time every day (so we get fed on time)……make sure we ask for lots of treats (so we can keep them on their toes)……and give them an opportunity to provide us with lots of TLC (so we can make them feel good about having us in their lives)…….hey – it’s the LEAST we can do right?


Happy Monday Peeps…………..


Teaser Tell-All


Hi Everybody!!  Wow….yesterday’s Teaser was a pretty good one wasn’t it?  What GREAT guesses everybody had too.  It could probably have been ANY of the places you all guessed BUT there was only one winner and that was (drum roll please…………………………….):

Katnip Lounge ! 

Mystery Photo

Strasburg, France

 The photo was taken in Strasburg, France

My Mom and Dad were on a Rhine River cruise at the time……and one day everybody on the ship got off to take a bus tour to Strasburg.  My Mom wasn’t feeling too well so she and Dad didn’t go with the rest of the crowd – they stayed on board and instead, arranged a taxi to come and pick them up at the ship and take them into town so they could wander on their own.  The taxi driver was really nice but he drove so FAST!  Imagine how my Mom and Dad felt when they heard a police siren coming up fast behind the taxi and stopped them on the street!  EEK!  The policeman came up to the taxi, opened the door, looked in at Mom and Dad and said “sorry – OK” then spoke with the driver in French – got back in his car and drove away!  They asked the driver what that was all about and he explained that the police were looking for two Chinese people (??). 

My parents still don’t know what all of that was about but they WERE as relieved as the driver that the police weren’t looking for THEM!  😉

Anyway, they had a nice walk around in the town, took lots of photos, Mom was feeling a bit better so enjoyed herself and at the appointed time the taxi driver picked them back up and took them to the ship. 

My parents are always having interesting adventures……!!

See ya’ll tomorrow and THANKS for guessing on this Tuesday Teaser.  Wasn’t that fun?  I’ll try to come up with another goodie for next week.