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Teaser Truth…..


Hi Tuesday Teaser Fans and everybody else tuning in today!

So I guess you want to know about the Teaser right?  I have to say that I really didn’t think people would take the time to zoom in on the sign on the building to try and read it (although Mom tried and couldn’t read it so we thought it was “safe”)……but some of you could read it.  You got a bit more of a hint than the “non-zoomers” BUT still, only TWO of you got it “spot on”.  Wanna know who? 

My friend Texas and my friend Isobel!   They guessed that it was Strasbourg, France.  YAY!!!!!

They both get the coveted super prize:

BIG Sammy Hug

There were some other folks who got extra creative with their guesses…..like these folks who guessed multiple countries instead of just one (!!) or just said “France” and I’m going to give them a semi-super prize and they are:  Miss Layla at Catwisdom 101, Pix at Sweet Days Under the Oaks, and Mollie at Mollie’s Dog Treats.  Here’s YOUR prize:

Medium Sammy Hug

And last but not least I’ve just GOT to give the “Booby Prize” to my very good friend Nerissa for guessing “EUROPE”……now THAT was creative!

Special “Made Me Giggle”  Hug

Here’s the photo again one more time:

So thanks to everybody for guessing – right OR wrong – it’s just fun playing the guessing game isn’t it?  Tune in next Tuesday for another chance to figure WHERE IN THE WORLD WERE MY PARENTS. 

I also want to take a minute to thank my little friend Poppy, the toy poodle for awarding me the Kreative Blogger Award which I already have……as always, it’s the thought that counts so THANK YOU POPCORN!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you my idea for a contest I’m going to have AND YES THERE WILL BE PRIZES!  YAY!

Happy Wednesday, The Big Tease aka Sammy