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Tell All Class!



Hello Class!   Step right up – time for the Tell All!

Wasn’t that a very cool photo yesterday?    And my goodness did we ever have a PILE of people waiting to be FIRST COMMENTERS before class started yesterday.   In fact, our Cheer Team said they wanted a raise because it’s so much work to have multiple Firsties.   We reminded them they don’t get paid in the first place for doing cheers – and that they have access to their private hot tub, meals in the cafeteria, custom-made uniforms, pink Harleys bought by the school for their transport and before we even finished reminding them of that they SHEEPISHLY (haha) agreed to stop complaining.

Fact is though we had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday!    WHO???????????????????


Our four lucky badge winners are:

JACKIE (Two Devon Cats), TIMMY (Timmy Tomcat), SHARON (Friends Furever) and KATIE (Katie Isabella)


WOW indeed………………we have a lot of winners and THREE of you get one of these (we’ll explain why just three in a moment!)

I was a FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of August 6, 2019! I’m GOOD!!

The reason only THREE of our FIRST COMMENTERS got that badge is because one of our FIRST COMMENTERS also was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!     That was Timmy!    We’ll give you the details on the photo in a minute but first, here’s your special badge Timmy!

Timmy Tomcat was a FIRST COMMENTER and the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of August 6, 2019! WOWZERS!




Here is the photo from yesterday (which was a Guest Teaser/Graphics Department photo) and a little bit about the photo itself which was a very unusual one indeed!!

This is a photo taken from a helicopter cruising over the beach at PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA!   

ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2012, the conditions were just right in Panama City Beach, Florida, for saturated air to flow from the Gulf of Mexico straight up and over these 20+ story high rise buildings right on the coastline. What happens when saturated air rises up and over the buildings? It cools – and cooled saturated air condenses. In this case, the condensation formed into these unique “wave clouds” that crested over the buildings.

WOW…….no make it DOUBLE WOW!

If you also guessed right on the Teaser, you get one of these:

Well I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of August 6, 2019 but I wasn’t FIRST! Next time maybe!

And if you guessed but were wrong, you get one of these gems:

I tried….I really did….but I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of August 6, 2019!

That was a wild photo alright………….almost looks like some kind of disaster movie!    

Cheer Team – now that you know even with FOUR FIRSTIES you still need to do your job and receive your ample compensation, how about a cheer????!

We had to get quite busy
Four Firsties made us dizzy
But it’s really amazing to have FOUR
There was a huge crowd at the school door!
Congrats to Jackie, Timmy, Katie and Sharon
We don’t want you to think we’re not carin’ !
It’s just tough to do lots of names
Even though cheer writing is our claim to fame.
Now the BIGGIE winner is TIMMY
He was FIRST Commenter and FIRST RIGHT before many…..
Timmy gets a ride on Suzie’s Harley
Riding with her is pretty gnarly!
Hang on tight Timmy and enjoy the ride!
Just be home before it’s high tide!


Now – is anyone in the mood for food?   Who isn’t in the mood for food – well if you aren’t, you can stay in class and sleep at your desk OR go out on the playground equipment but if you’re hungry – follow us!!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Hi Children!  Time to load up your tummies!   

What’s on Today’s Menu?

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It’s been another fun week with Class!   See you next Tuesday with another FUN PHOTO!   

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy