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Wet Thursday


Hi Everybody!!   Well, like many of you, we struggled with the storms that simply STAYED and STAYED and STAYED.   One very big rain/wind system that came up from the Gulf and seemed to never end………..we had something close to five inches of rain but thankfully, this morning, other than a light drizzle which is SUPPOSED to stop, we are finally finished with “the storm that was”.    It makes us so sad that so many people in other parts of the country got tornados and experienced so much loss…….humans and animals alike will struggle to find “normal” after this so we do feel blessed.

However I was beginning to think I’d have to drag this old photo of me out – again………………


Today Mom’s gonna do some laundry (exciting huh?) – well that’s not big deal of course except it’s the sheets and towels she’s washing which means CHANGING SHEETS ON THE BED!   You know – that ritual we all love love love!


Sam Preventing Mom From Making The Bed

Guarding the clean sheets…..

Other than that, I think things will be quiet around here………….I might finally get a chance to go outside and sniff around in the mud that is our yard……….and perhaps look for worms in the puddles because there are always TONS of worms in the Spring……..I don’t eat them (ewwwwww) but I do like to “fish” them out of a puddle and watch them squirm around.   I tried playing “push the worm” – like I used to play “push the frog” with my little frog friend Freddy, but they just don’t HOP like Freddy used to when I gave him a bit of a push.   Oh well……..I’ll have to find some other entertainment!

Gosh we used to have so much fun....well, I did anyway!

Gosh we used to have so much fun….well, I did anyway!

I miss you Freddy!

I miss you Freddy!

Speaking of entertainment – I’m working on my blogaversary plans………….I promise next week to reveal some of them but honestly I think it will be “low key” – at least for me – purrrhaps something dignified – like a “black tie buffet” or something………I’ll let you know when I know.  Deal?

Formal or non-formal....THAT is the question!

Formal or non-formal….THAT is the question!

Have a PAWSOME Thursday – and may the sheets be changed for you today too!



My Caturday Plans


Hi Peeps!  Night before last we had some BAD storms through here and yesterday morning Dad was out in the yard and discovered we lost the tops of two BIG trees!  Snapped right over and are just suspended on other limbs up in the trees.  What a sad sight really – to see a HUGE 100 ft. tree with about a third of its’ trunk snapped almost off.  There’s another one in the front yard like that – one of our pretty orange maples.  One way to look at it is there will be fewer leaves to get off the ground with those big trunks gone – but the other way is to be sad beause the trees look so SAD with their branches off.

We’re actually going to have more rain tonight but hopefully not with the accompanying high winds.  You know I hate lightning, thunder and even heavy rain…………I head for the basement!

Early morning bird watching

Gee….I wish it would stop raining…..not as many birds to watch!

Mom and Dad are taking a mini-trip today – will be coming home tomorrow – so please forgive me if I don’t visit you until Sunday ok?  It’s not that I don’t love all of you – – – – I do! – – – – but I’m just not as good on the keyboard (in spite of the fact I have thumbs) as my Mom is.  She’s a mighty fine secretary….so when she gets back I’ll do some catching up with all of you.   I’m sure you know what I’ll be doing while they’re gone….

Sam Standing at Front Door

Mom and Dad – hurry home – I miss you!!

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

Guess I’ll just sleep here on Grandma’s chair all day since I have no nice, warm “Mommy lap” available! Sniff…..

Happy Caturday!

Kitty hugs, Sammy  😀