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Ice Bound

Sam Sleepingon  Mom's Lap
I tried to stay away – honest – but I got overwrought watching football and…well….THIS happened!

 Tired of photos of me SLEEPING?  😉  Well, in my defense, I had been watching the football game with Mom but in the 4th Quarter when the Baltimore Ravens blew missed a field goal that would have sent them to the Super Bowl – I gave up, put my head down, and caught some ZZZZZs.  

If they had a Super Bowl competition for the best napper I just might win!
Seriously though – we spent another day yesterday trapped in the house because of ICE.  Ice everywhere.  Supposedly the main roads are OK but it’s getting OUT to the main roads that’s been keeping Mom and Dad here in the house with me (not that I’m complaining….do I look like I’m complaining in this photo????).  I tried to go outside for a little “walk about” but no way.  I sat on the porch and when I put my front paws down on the first step I felt the coating of ice and changed my mind. 
Today we just might get rid of some of this stuff though because it’s going to be warmer AND rainy.  Just rain – not ice.  Then maybe I can go out for a munch in the grass and a sniff around.  Dad and I saw a fox on the front lawn last night – it was almost too dark to see it and it was heavy enough to break through the ice so it wasn’t slip-sliding around like I do out there but I guess it was out trying to find something to eat.  Times are tough for anything looking for a snack out there that’s for sure. 
In the meantime, before all this melts away, I suppose I can’t complain really.  I’ll just enjoy being “one spoiled cat”…….. 😉
Happy Monday!

I Said Iced TEA Not Iced TREE!

The woods covered in almost a half inch of ice

Last night the guy said I might look out my window at an ICEY forest this morning.....

It looks pretty in this photograph from some years ago but all those branches covered in ice are dangerous!  Power lines come down, tree limbs crack under the weight so I figured yours truly and his Mom would NOT be out there romping in the woods this morning that’s for sure! 

I heard sleet last night but I also SAW snow falling – about an inch all together…..and just a little bit ago Mom opened the basement door so I could look out and have a sniff and sure enough – SNOW.   AND lots of deer prints all over the back yard……

It’s too dark for Mom to take photos but it looks like it’s not a big deal – at least not like the weather folks said – which is typical – either they’re really WRONG or they’re really RIGHT…..I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that.  Keeps us on our toes (or in my case on my extra toes!!).

Did you get snow or bad weather where you are? 

Now – where’s Mom……I’m ready for a lap.

Your Buddy Sammy

A Feeble Flurry or Two

January Snow Flurries

They called this a "dusting" of snow......

So this was the snow we got yesterday morning…..they said snow flurries but I’d say snow dusting or maybe “powdered sugar”…..it stuck to the roads, sidewalk, driveway but not much in the front yard as you can see.  What you CAN’T see is that it was like 35-40mph wind gusts too!!!  Now THAT’s what kept yours truly inside his house, snug as a bug in a rug all day.  I actually DID go outside for like – 30 seconds – Mom was in the basement getting my litter box ship shape and when she took the trash outside to empty it in the big trash can I came out with her – – – didn’t get any further than the slate step outside the door before I put my brakes on and began screeching for her to hurry back and let me back inside.  Windy?  Oh yah………….

What’s with wind?  Well, it makes it hard to sniff for danger; you know like animals that don’t belong in my yard that I need to protect my Mom or Dad from.  Besides, it was already below freezing out there and with the wind blowing – let’s just say it wasn’t COMFY out there.  The minute Mom heard me screech she came back lickety-split and we both came inside and didn’t venture back out all day. 

For years I looked forward to winters so I could go outside and play in the snow.  This is (so says Mom anyway) the first year I’m really feeling the cold.  Either we get me a fur-lined winter parka and snowboots or I’m going to WATCH the snow from inside the house from now on!!!


Baby It’s COLD Outside!

What a view!

Flurries? Did somebody say flurries?

Good Morning!  The weather guru on TV just said there are flurries “around” in various parts of Virginia coming from over the mountains (where it’s snowing a LOT)……I figure if I’m here in my window seat I’ll be able to let everyone know when they get HERE.  He named a bunch of counties where snow was showing up on doppler radar (whatever THAT is!) and Fauquier was one of them – – – that’s ME……

Today’s high temperature will only be 30 degrees so you just know that I won’t be asking anyone to let me go outside for a cruise.  Nope – no way.  Now if we get some actual SNOW…..I might change my mind.  I can’t see just going out there to freeze – but if I can maybe dip my toes into some snow…..well…..you might be able to get me out there since I do like poking the snow.

Two weeks ago we had temperatures in the 60s and people were complaining about how warm it was for winter…..I just BET you that today people will complain about how cold it is. 

Are we ever really HAPPY with the weather?  Well, my friend Pedro who lives in Hawaii might be happy with HIS weather…..!!!!

Whatever kind of weather you have in your part of the world – I hope you have a great day.  I’m going to – just waiting now for the sound of Mom putting my breakfast bowl on the floor.  LOVE THAT SOUND!


Yikes, It’s COLD



What a view!

Twenty-eight degrees this morning....it'll be a "spy out the window" day!

Wow….all this talk of Santa Claws and presents and holidays and snow must have stirred things up here in the weather department.  It’s mighty cold this morning.  I didn’t know that though until Mom opened the basement door at my request this morning and WHAMMO that cold hit me right in my furry face and I immediately shoved myself into reverse and backed awwwwaaaaaaay from the doorway!  Mom was putting my harness on me at the time and I managed to even back out of the harness.  🙂  Anyway, I’ll be observing from one of my various watching posts today. 
Today being Friday, it’s housecleaning day around here.  My parents tackle that together which I think is mighty nice.  Dad does the top floor and Mom the main floor and I’m in charge of the basement (hahaha).  Actually, the basement IS where my litter box, favorite old beat up chair, my “tent” and my observation chair are located but it doesn’t get messy down there so it’s not cleaned every single week.  I’m a pretty neat kind of guy.  Sometimes I even go around down in the basement, collect all my toys that are scattered about, and deposit them inside my tent.  See?  I can be neat too!
Hey...this thing isn't just good for camping - it's good for HIDING toys too!

Let's see...string toys over here, fuzzzy toys back here - and keep a little room in the middle for ME!

Another busy day at my house……hope it’s not nearly this busy at your house today – or as COLD either!
Happy Friday………..Sammy