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Happy FRYday….!

Me in a Santa Hat......

I'm just being silly! It's 100 outside but I'm just reminding you that COOLER days are ahead!

Friday….or FRYday as I’m calling it because it’s going to be around 100 degrees today.  YUCK.  I’m staying inside and going to pretend it’s winter and Santa Claws is coming to visit me soon.  I’ll dig into my toybox wagon and drag out my “holiday collection”…..I have some Christmas toys like a stuffed candy cane toy, and a stuffed Santa – you know the kind of toys I mean.  Anyway, I’ll just make believe – I’m good at that.  Whenever I look out a window today I’ll imagine snow.  Beautiful, COLD snow. 

You folks who have cats know that we have great imaginations.  Ever seen us look up at the ceiling or in a corner with BIG eyes and our ears back – “on alert” ??  Kind of like we’re seeing a ghost?  Guess what!  We are!!!  We see stuff you can’t.   

So, if I look out a window today and act like I am watching squirrels or birds playing in the snow……maybe I AM seeing it in my mind’s eye. 

I know this for sure…….I’m going to be wishing it was snowy out there because it’s been way too hot for me to even go outside these last few days and if there was snow out there – I’d be having a ball outside RIGHT NOW!   Sigh…………..instead, I’ll just try to enjoy my

FRYday !!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat Dreaming of SNOW


Mr. Cranky Pants


Can you believe it?  That’s what Mom called me all day yesterday!  Just because this weather is getting to me….it’s getting to everybody I think.  I kept checking at the front door though, hoping that something miraculous had happened and there would be a nice cool breeze out there……but every time Mom opened the door – YUCK! 

Funny Face Sam

Do I look cranky? I think I look CUTE!

I know that some cats love the hot weather…..I can take it for maybe ten minutes at the most and that has to be in the total shade.  Like yesterday afternoon, Mom went out to fill up the birdbath with more water so I decided to come out with her.  I seriously thought about asking her to spray ME with the hose but decided that wouldn’t be dignified!  I stayed in the shaded area of the garden and watched her…..the minute she finished coiling up the hose again by the back door I QUICKLY flew to the door and told her to please open it ASAP!!  We both came inside and boy did that nice cool basement feel great………Whew!

Mom started calling me Mr. Cranky Pants because I got really bored yesterday – so bored I resorted to driving her nuts by asking her to let me into closets, pantries, the garage…..every time she’d sit down I’d ask (nicely of course) for her to let me through some closed door SOMEWHERE.  When she’d get up and come to where I was asking to be allowed entry, I’d run off….tee hee….she was not amused.  The other thing I did was pretend to be a tiger taking down its prey in the Serengeti – I’d wait for her to walk by me and leap out and bite her ankles.  Again, she was not amused. 

Mr. Cranky Pants????  Well, maybe a little………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (ready for this heatwave to be OVER!!)

Dog (cat??) Days of Summer

Cousin Toby cooling down in his pond

My Cousin Toby has the right idea - keeping cool !

Now this is what I call a great way to stay cool on a hot day!  We’re going to be into the 100s today and I’m kind of thinking Cousin Toby is one smart shih-tzu in figuring out how to be comfortable if you’re in the great outdoors.  Cousin Toby and my Aunt Carol (and my other Cousin Mollye) live on top of a mountain in West Virginia.  Aunt Carol had this way neato pond and mini-waterfall in the backyard and it didn’t take Cousin Toby long to discover if he plopped down on his belly in the pond, he’d get cooled off. 

We don’t have a pond…..but we DO have a woods, and it’s a lot cooler down in the woods.  Mom and Dad made a path down to a little patio that has a bench that swings on it and it’s a nice spot for me to hop onto and keep an eye on things sometimes.   Still, on a day like today is going to be, the best place will probably be INSIDE the house.  I can just sit on my perch and see all the other creatures out there in the heat……..

What a view!

Staying cool inside...watching everything else out in the heat!

I do feel bad for all the cats and dogs who have no home to stay cool in…..they have to do the best they can to survive.  Mom keeps a big bowl of water on our front porch for any cats who need a drink as they make their way around the community – and there are several of them who know it’s there and come to sit on the shady porch and enjoy a cool drink of water.  I’m very lucky to be “off the streets” and living in my nice home.   I think about that EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Remember on hot days to make sure your pets are inside as much as they can be, but if they are outside, they need plenty of fresh water and a safe, shady spot like I have!

Sammy, One Spoiled (and lucky) Cat

Sam’s Cool Thursday Thoughts


Boy oh boy is it hot outside already this morning.  Mom opened the door and reached down to put my harness on and I just baaaaaaacked away and looked at her like she was nuts.  It just should NOT be almost 90 degrees at 4:45AM ! 

First of all I came upstairs and woke her up a little bit early this morning….well, usually I’m right on time at 5AM quietly calling her just loud enough NOT to wake up Daddy.  This morning, I pushed my luck and decided to go for an earlier cat-call.  She was not amused but got up anyway and made coffee then we TRIED to go outside.  I figure why should I go out in that heat when I have this nice, cool, comfy house I can stay in?  I didn’t know it was going to be so awful out there although it was up to 100 yesterday afternoon and I only went out for a few brief visits to the shady, cool concrete, front porch. 

Makes me think about how lucky I am really.  There are lots of homeless animals who just wander around hoping someone helps them with a drink of water or a bit of food….and those in shelters who hope someone will see them and fall in love with them (like my Mom and Dad with me) and take them home to take care of them. 

Anyway, I’m probably going to stay inside and just LOOK outside today.  We have lots of windows and I can keep an eye on things from the comfort of my many perches and favorite spots – IN THE AIR-CONDITIONING! 

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Sammy, One Spoiled (and COOL) Cat!