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Meteoric Friday


So did you get to see the Perseids yet?  Actually the peak days HERE were yesterday and today but Mom and I have seen meteors in the early morning sky (4AM) for the past four days.  Not as many today as yesterday but still we’ve seen them!

When Mom and I go out for our early morning walk at 4AM, I’m on my harness and leash and Mom has a flashlight.   If she’s sky-watching, I just kind of pull her along – like a tractor pulling a dead tree (hahahaha…sorry Mom) but she lets ME guide her while she’s staring at the stars.   She has favorite constellations she likes to look for but the Perseids have been fun.   Whenever there’s a Perseid event we’re all over it.

Stevie the feral visitor was out there waiting to join us to see the meteors.

Stevie the feral visitor was out there waiting to join us to see the meteors.

Now this is NOT my Mom’s photo but it’s EXACTLY what we saw yesterday morning………………most of the meteors we’d seen were fairly small in size with “short tails” – this one was a goodie!


There were some clouds in yesterday’s morning sky so peeking in between them was interesting while meteor-watching!

This is my Mom’s FAVORITE constellation.  Why?  She just loves the shape and the number of stars – it’s easy to find…..




Is there one named after Bacon I wonder???????

HUGS, Sammy the Skywatcher

What’s a Quest?


Hi Everybody!  So I used the excuse of the two-day Quest on Scouts for my rather “silent blog” weekend……..I got a bunch of email from you asking WHAT is a Quest and so I thought I’d tell you and show you some of the photos from our Quest – just for fun!

This actually was the FIRST Quest we’ve had in Scouts – we did a “Practice Quest” a while back and it was lots of fun – we had to search the whole site – all the pages (and there are tons) for where our Denmaster had hidden/buried on the page some animal tracks – then identify them – whoever found them and identified them correctly got points.   We also had to search the site for bird houses that were hidden so we could identify the type of bird who lived in the birdhouse…..that was fun.   Anyway, that was the first Quest and this one was THE REAL THING.  It was also super hard (I thought).

We had lots of challenges to complete and the schedule for the two days was rigorous with some free time built in (so our typists could go to the bathroom or eat some FOOD instead of being chained to the computer!!!).   We had a stargazing challenge (identifying constellations), a morse code challenge (yes we had to learn morse code) as well as a semaphore flag challenge (those little flags waving all over the place that spell out words!).   There were a couple of other challenges too and a SUPER FUN activity last night which was a SNIPE HUNT for the little Kit Scouts (Kits are one year old or younger and we DO have some Scouts that young).   It was tons of fun.

So here are a few photos of my Patrol (we have 14 in the Patrol but only 9 signed up to participate in the Quest):

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Cat Scouts has grown tremendously since I joined – so big that they are moving to another server soon because when all of us are there for an event, it gets “stuck” or sometimes we get thrown off the site and can’t get back on – typical stuff for a big site with a lot of participating people.   But it is a GREAT organization and we have a whole lot of fun.   Visit at CatScouts.com and join up.  If you DO, make sure and join MY Troop (or start your own Troop!!).    I started the Worldwide Wildcats Troop and it’s now the largest Troop in Scouts.  We have four Patrols within the Troop……..each Patrol has their very own “Den” where we hang out and eat (hahaha).    If you do join, look me up first thing – I’ll help you get started having fun with us.  On the other hand if you want to “have a life” stay out of Scouts because it’s habit-forming!!!!

Happy Monday and don’t forget – tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER at 6AM EST !!!

Hugs, Sammy 🙂