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Squirrel-Proof??? Says Who?!


Back Garden

Howdy Everybody!  It’s THURSDAY already….!

I’ve GOT to tell you about our so-called squirrel-proof bird feeders in the back yard.  Just to the left of the big tree you see a dark green blob – well that’s one of our two squirrel-proof feeders.  It sits atop a metal pole that’s about five feet tall with a hook on top.  I think our squirrels have become smarter the longer we’ve had the feeders because at first, they were content to eat whatever the birds knocked out of the feeders when they visited to eat.  Once ina while a squirrel would try to climb the pole but they couldn’t. 

In the last couple of years though I swear our squirrels have been working out at the squirrel gym or something…..they’re bigger – stronger – more muscles in their arms and legs….maybe they’re into weightlifting at the squirrel gym?   They’ve figured out all kinds of ways to get at the feeders.  They leap over to the top of the feeder from that big tree (sometimes they miss and fly right over which makes me giggle but don’t tell them I said that) – or they briefly touch the top and slide off the slanted roof.  They have learned HOW to climb the pole now – all legs wrapped around and they scooch up just like people do when they’re climbing a rope.   It’s hilarious. 

But the funniest thing is when the metal pole is wet – from rain or heavy dew.   It’s too slippery to climb……but they try – and they get about a foot or two off the ground with their scooching technique then can’t go further so they slide slooooooooooooooooooowly down to the ground and try again ……… and again …………. and again ……….. and again ……… and – well you get the picture!  And I bet you can see why Mom and I sit and watch them out the living room window and laugh (YES cats can laugh!!!!).  

These are BIG squirrels – thanks to my Mom’s sunflower seeds and the squirrel gym they look FIT.  Would I dare try to scare them off from the feeders?  Heck no!   Do I sit and watch and keep my mouth shut from INSIDE the house only and not outside?  You betcha. 

So much for squirrel-proof feeders………but it’s 100 times more interesting and fun to watch than ANYTHING on TV…… trust me!

Sammy the Squirrel Watcher

Big Fat Squirrels


We have the fattest squirrels in the neighborhood…..why?  Well because we have the most squirrel-proof birdfeeders of course!  Mom loves watching the birds  in the backyard so she has several birdfeeders – and got the squirrel-proof ones so the BIRDS would get the food……whoever designed those things needs to re-think things.  The squirrels who live around our yard figured those out REAL QUICK.  They just wrap their toes around the hook at the top of the feeders on the long poles, and hang down over the food dispenser bar that would normally not hold their weight.  Pretty smart huh? 

Not only have they figured it out, but they’ve also figured out that the biggest and fattest squirrels hang down the farthest and cat get the most food out of the dispensers SO they purposely grab handfuls of seed and dump it out on the ground below for all the smaller squirrels to eat!  Of course the birds take advantage of that as well as the chipmunks so in the end, everybody’s happy. 

Mom and I are sitting at her computer while I do this blog and are glancing out the window in her studio down where the feeders are and right this minute there are three big squirrels “dispensing” and about eight squirrels on the ground eating.  Hey – we all need to start our day with a good breakfast………..which reminds me…………Mom, now that I’ve finished this blog, let’s go fix ME something to eat…..OK????


I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder!  HA!

I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder! HA!


Happy Wednesday From Sammy, One Spoiled Squirrel-Watching Cat