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Wowzers…What Weather!

Sam's house on the hill.

I can’t believe it but yesterday it was in the eighties!  EIGHTIES! 

If Mom had bought me that kiddie pool I begged her for LAST summer, I would have gotten the thing out, blown it up (well, Dad would have done THAT part for me) and filled it with water and taken a swim!  The fact I’m not crazy about water doesn’t enter into the picture – – I would have had just a couple inches of water in it so it wouldn’t have been like taking a BATH or anything (yuck).  Just a bit of a cool off.  We had the A/C on in the house even………..all day…………amazing.

Can this go on?  Who knows…..I guess this is one of those times when you just say “I’ll enjoy it while it’s here” – right?

Now – moving on……..Guess what ELSE happened today?  I got a really fun package of goodies from my buds Nellie and Kozmo at CATFROMHELL.  In honor of the fact I helped my friend Kozmo on his recently concluded Evil Mr. Chirpy Caper, I got my very own little yellow stuffed chirping chicken!  Yes…..and believe me when Mom showed me the envelope and it was chirping, it most certainly got my attention!  Mom got a new mousie pad too for her computer which she REALLY needed.  Her “David’s Bridge” one she did when she first published her book was looking – well – pitiful.  This Cat From Hell one is pink and looks nice on her drawing table.  I’m so happy.  Mostly I’m just VERY happy to have so many great friends in cyberspace.  I really am.  Blogging every day is a lot of work (as you well know since most of you do the same thing) but it’s let me meet a lot of fun kitties, dogs, birds, and people. 

I might be “one spoiled cat” but I’m also one LUCKY cat. 

Consider yourselves hugged!