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Photo Updates


Hi Friends!!    Mom went nutso with the flashy box yesterday – took tons of photos of the yard (before we get landscaping work done) and ME (I’m always the purrrfect photo subject….ahem) and the front yard and porch.  Yes she went nuts………but I indulged her.   She takes such good care of me I figured the least I could do is cooperate.

The backyard after 20 years is looking tired (like Mom is after taking care of it for 20 years) so a landscape architect is coming Friday to give us some ideas.   Here’s how the back yard looks NOW (it may take a minute for all the photos to load!!!):

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We have a BIG problem with erosion AND the back yard doesn’t have a “flat spot” where we can have our picnic table without propping the legs up on one end so it’s level……….Mom thinks a nice slate or paver patio………we’ll see what the landscape dude has to say.

Here is the front yard now – we don’t anticipate doing anything with it or the front of the house plantings but since she was flashy boxing herself silly, she took these.

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AND – the highlight of the photo show of course – here are some updated photos of me……….I’m not quite as “gaunt” as I was when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and began taking medication……….I’m still a couple of pounds down from what I was but I’m better off for it as my arthritis is so much better………..so there!

We had a beautiful day today –    high of 73 instead of upper 80s as it has been……..it was Spring again……..it even brought out some of Mom Nature’s creatures that we could have done without seeing like the brown snake in my backyard for instance.   Not poisonous but any snake is NOT a friend of mine or Mom’s.    Thank heavens Mom had her flashlight and saw it because it was dark at 4:15 (of course) when we were out for my usual morning walk.   You’d better believe we’ll make sure we ALWAYS have that flashlight from now on!!!!!!   EEEEEK!    It was only a couple of feet long but to my Mom they’re all 10 feet long and weigh 300 lbs. and would eat us in a minute.   SHE HATES SNAKES.    I’m not nuts about them either come to think of it.

That’s about it for my Thursday report!   Exciting huh?   HUH?   I can’t hear you!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy the Snake Charmer



Bacon and Plants (huh?!)


Yeah it’s another rather unlikely and weird “duo” – bacon and plants (yesterday’s blog was “monsters and plants”!!)  – yet that’s what my blog today is ALLLLLLLLLLLLL about.   Bacon of course because it’s Baconating day around here EVERY Saturday, but plants because I promised to show you what Mom has done so far in my yard………!


Gimme!  (no this isn’t me but substitute my ginger face and it would be me!)

Mom was all set to take photos of the plants yesterday afternoon when WHAMMO her camera battery died so up to the drug store she went and got a new one.  Thanks Mom…….you’ve been promising everyone photos like FOREVER………….so here’s a little slideshow with what’s going on SO FAR at my house……there will be updates  in the future as Mom gets more “stuff” !

By the way, be patient when the window pops up for the slideshow – there are a lot of photos so it might take a second before the show begins!!


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So my friends, that’s the state of things Saturday morning but today is another day AND it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 70s and Mom  says while Dad’s at the Manassas Air Show, she’s going plant shopping again!   WOO WOO WOOOOO!

Enjoy your Saturday – I think I’ll be out enjoying my yard…………………AND my deck!

Hugs, Sammy




Monsters and Plants


Howdy!   Today is dust bunny roundup time………….you know how much I love that (not) but it’s gotta be done – so says my Mom.    I know you all probably think I’m the boss around these parts BUTTT I’m not – it’s the Mom – the one who feeds me, walks me, soothes me when I’m upset, cheers me up when I’m sad, feeds me (whoops….I said that twice huh?) and most of all LOVES ME!

Thankful for my Mom

Thankful for my Mom

So, I’ll put up with the monster and the dust flying every which way – after all, it only lasts an hour or so – my parents are “whirling dervishes” when it comes to housecleaning.  They get through this place like a hurricane.

My thoughts on cleaning......

My thoughts on cleaning……

I’m ALMOST ready to show you pix of my plants…………….I’ve kind of decided that when (and if….no…..it’s WHEN not if) Mom decorates my porch with more flowers I’ll update the photos but Mom will be taking photos of all the progress to date and sharing them this weekend.

Our dwarf red maple is GORGEOUS!

Our dwarf red maple is GORGEOUS!

Other than these two items of earth-shattering news, I have nothing………….nothing else worth reporting………..I spent my day yesterday napping, napping, and napping so there’s ZIP exciting about that.   Just doing what I do best.   I did get to go outside several times though –  had some  grass to chew, some squirrels to watch, and some RUDE bluejays who screamed at me when they saw me out in what they think is THEIR yard.

Early morning bird watching

Yeah bluejay I see ya…..go ahead and screech….I can ignore you!

So you see, after a boring day like yesterday was, monster day just might be a little exciting to this old guy after all……………………….HAVE AT IT MOM AND DAD – I’m psyched!!!

Hugs, Sammy

Another Week Begins!


How was your weekend?   Mine was swell………..my Mom and Dad worked hard to make up for deserting me last Thursday for a little overnight trip.   I got bacon Saturday AND Sunday!   I sure did luck out huh?   I know though that the chances of being baconized  before NEXT Saturday are slim.   I have to just be grateful for the extra bacon this weekend and carry on………!


As for this week – you know tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser and Mom is still wrestling with her photo files to find the PURRRFECT Teaser photo.   I don’t think it’s a Guest Teaser photo though – of course Mom doesn’t tell me EVERYTHING and I can’t read her writing so even if I could sneak up on her computer desk to see her notes, I’d have trouble reading her scribble.   Look like ALL of us will be surprised tomorrow morning when we see the Teaser (except for her of course).


Also I want to say I’m sorry that because you all live in different time zones all ’round the world, even if I schedule the Teaser post to pop up late in the morning for HERE, it may be early in the morning (or in the middle of the night) where YOU are………..there’s just no “good” time for everybody so I’m sorry about that…………….but I’ll continue to schedule the post at a surprise time so you never know WHEN it will pop into your inbox.  I think that’s kind of fun don’t you?

I wonder when the Teaser will go "live" tomorrow???!!

I wonder when the Teaser will go “live” tomorrow???!!

Mom is also  going to go to the grocery store this morning to do  the weekly shopping AND to the plant store afterwards so I will FINALLY get some plants on my front porch.  I’ve been “plant-deprived” long enough.   I love it when Mom plants stuff in big pots on the front porch – it’s like being in the garden without getting dirty (hahahahaha) and I love it.   So, she promised.   That means I’ll bore you with plant/front porch photos some time this week.   Lucky you!

My azaleas are JUST starting to bloom!!!!  YAY!

My azaleas are JUST starting to bloom!!!! YAY!

That’s about it for me – not a very exciting blog this morning is it……..well, let’s face it – my life isn’t all that exciting anyway…..at my age, it’s exciting just to WAKE UP in the morning PERIOD!

Hugs, Sammy

Plain Old Thursday



It’s just a plain old day……….no celebrations here, no special occasions, no  complaints, no weather issues, no parties, no  videos, just PLAIN Thursday.

Plain old me.....

Plain old me…..

I managed to spend yesterday being very plain too……………I slept a whole lot.   I also asked to go outside a whole lot.    I’m enjoying getting a good sniff of this Spring air.   There’s a slight  aroma of flowers on the breeze – our pink dogwoods are CLOSE to being fully open and they do have a lovely and subtle smell…….I can also smell freshly mown lawns – not at my house but somewhere in the neighborhood.   Smells great……….smells Springy!

Pink dogwood just starting to pop with Bradford pear fully "popped" through the branches!!

Pink dogwood just starting to pop with Bradford pear fully “popped” through the branches!!

Mom has a whole lot more planting to do around here – the deck boxes and more plants on the front porch in pots…………maybe a little bit here and there in the yard……….so it’s bound to get even nicer in the next couple of weeks.   I’ll like that…..I’ll also enjoy being on the front porch with Mom and Dad when they’re sitting in their rockers talking.   They almost ALWAYS do that before dinner every day  – sit on the front porch and talk and  sometimes have a glass of wine together.   That’s where they plot and plan little trips out into the country to go antiquing or  shopping or just plain driving to see the beauty of rural Virginia.   We are SO LUCKY to live in such a beautiful place.

FrontPorchRockers1 WinterPorch2014-1

What’s your favorite thing about Spring?

Hugs, Sammy

One of my Mom's paintings.....this porch would be nice to sit on too!!

One of my Mom’s paintings…..this porch would be nice to sit on too!!