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Landscaping 101

I Love My Yard!

Practically all the leaves are sucked up by "THE MACHINE".....a few strays....but after a breezy Saturday, there will be another load of them down I bet! Yippeeee!

Sometimes I’m not so sure my parents really appreciate my “help” !  For instance yesterday……….my parents were out doing the first spring clean-up/mow/trim thing and I decided to skip one of my many planned naps of the day to help. 

I decided it would be great since I’m so much closer to the ground than they are and can SEE stuff down here better if I did a walk-through and pointed out all the bare spots in our struggling lawn.  I figured Dad would want to know where I would appreciate some nice soft green GRASS growing instead of a dirt spot or mud puddle.  You’d think he’d appreciate that – right?   Instead of thanking me – my parents both pretty much ignored me.  I even stayed on the front porch out of their way while Mom mowed and Dad did all that other noisy stuff with that blowing thing and the trimming thing…..usually I’m INSIDE when they do that – today I was being “companionable” and helpful. 

Daddy’s big joke is that he and Mom are “the landscaping team of Kimmell & Kimmell”……..well I just thought it would be nice if we changed that to “Kimmell, Kimmell & Kimmell” with my help spotting the bare places in the lawn.  Do I have to tell you that it’s the last time I’m going to offer my help?  From now on, I’m going to be INSIDE in a window watching them groan, moan, and sweat while I enjoy a nice leisurely and infinately more comfortable few hours. 

If they want a nice lawn they can crawl around on the ground and find those bare spots without me!  So there! No I’m not really mad…….I’m just being silly………as usual……..but they really should have paid attention to me as I pointed those spots out. 

Sammy the Landscaper