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My Little Red Wagon

Sam's Wagon

Some cats have a toybox....I have a toy WAGON!

Those of you who have followed me for a while have seen this picture before….but since Mom and I cleaned it out recently (well…sort of) I’m reposting the photo.  Also, lots of other kitties who blog have talked lately about their toys and so I thought I’d show my wagon off again!

Mom and Dad saw this “mini Radio Flyer” in the window of a hardware store in some little town they visited and bought it for ME!  They thought since I love to ride around in cardboard boxes (being pulled by a string) I would really like to ride in a little wagon.  However, I didn’t like the noise the wheels made on the floor SO it became one of my toyboxes.  Let me give you a tour……..

That super fluffy thing on top is a fake foxtail that Mom got for me at a car show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania some years ago – boy is it fun to wrestle around on the floor with that sometimes!  In front on the floor is a yellow whistle and I like to drag it around by the ribbon because it makes a funny noise.  Then piled around outside and inside are lots of stuffed toys…..stuffed mice, bears, fish, birds – lots of stuffed stuff ;).  The wand thing in the back is pretty cool.  It has a long piece of flannel attached to the end and Mom and I play with that on the stairs sometimes.

In the front on the right you see a cat.  Guess what THAT is?!  It’s my kitty cat bank.  It’s made out of metal and it’s got a hole in the top for pennies.  That’s where I have my savings account.  Mom puts pennies in it for me and I’m saving up for a beret like Sprocket and Chun’s on The Miao Chronicles – except maybe a green one instead of red and blue like theirs!!  Of course if Santa brings me one this coming Christmas then I can spend my savings on something else exciting…..perhaps a Hawaiian vacation to visit my friend Pedro.  I’ve always wanted to learn to surf. 😀

So there you have it……..a tour of my toybox/toy wagon….now that doesn’t show you the pile of current favorites I have stashed on top of my tissue collection in the living room.  Nor does it show you the toy basket upstairs or the toy basket in the basement……yeah, I know…..I hear ya….you’re saying “that’s one spoiled cat!”…….. Yep – you got that right………. tee hee

Happy Friday!  (and Happy Birthday to my Uncle Mike)


“Pretty Please??”

Sam on Mom's Recliner

Please come sit back down Mom....I need more NAP!

 By now everyone who follows my blog knows that Mom and I have a “thing” about napping.  Here’s how it works……she gets on the recliner, puts the foot thing up, puts a throw on her legs, settles down and I hop up and lie down on her legs………and sleep…………or wait for her to brush me………..or watch TV.  It’s a great arrangement.  If she gets up to do something like answer the phone or put something on the stove or WHATEVER, I get a little “distressed”…..yeah I know, that’s very selfish of me isn’t it BUT I love my Mom’s lap.  A lot.

So, if she DOES get up I stand on the arm of the recliner and wait for her to come back……I do my fair share of calling and trying to cajole her into returning……”MAMAMAMA” usually works.  So does “THE LOOK” which I’m doing in this picture as you can plainly see.  I call it my “pitiful” look and it works pretty darn well most of the time.

We’re pretty well coordinated with the recliner routine.  Eventually she comes back to sit down – I stand with all four legs up on the arm of the chair while she puts the throw back on her lap and legs then pop back down and settle in.  Heavy sigh.  Big stretch.  Heavy sigh again then…zzzzzzzzz….

Today was a major nap day too because we had snow all day long!  Tomorrow I’ll share some pictures Mom took.  In fact she actually got UP from the recliner to take those pictures…..you know where I was right?  Yep – standing on the arm of the chair screaming “MAMAMAMAMA” !!!

Happy Tuesday


Sammy The Box Boy

Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes

So what if it has a tear in the side? It still works....

Those of you who know me, know that I have a love of boxes (don’t all cats?????).  Anyway, yesterday Mom was cleaning out the closet in her studio (oh boy oh boy THAT’s always fun).  She had stored a bunch of boxes from last Christmas on the top shelf and it was time to inventory them I guess.   So in the pile on the floor I found this one lonely (sniff) boxtop…..just lying there looking forelorn….I hopped in and promptly took a nap while Mom continued her clear-out.  So of course I looked so adorable sleeping in my boxtop that she left me there and left her studio to go fix dinner.  Well, I stayed there until I heard the top popping off MY can of catfood downstairs. 

Mom now has my new (although slightly damaged with a minor tear) boxtop available for me in her studio – in an out of the way corner – under a chair so it’s nice and “cave-like”…… I now have a box for napping in the basement, the family room, the guest room, Dad’s den, AND (drum roll please) Mom’s studio!!!!  The mind boggles at all the nap locations I’ve managed to wangle thanks to my always being on the alert for a stray box.   Some of my boxes are nice sturdy things – some are somewhat flimsy (like this new boxtop of mine)……but the best one is the one in the basement.  It’s the box that our new fake Christmas tree came in when Mom and Dad got it last year.  It’s long and skinny and Dad cut a bunch of holes in it for me to poke my head or paw out of. 

It’s good to be one spoiled cat (in a box).

Happy Thursday Peeps………



Saturday Snoozin’

Snoozing on the stairs

Gee, I hope Daddy's awake enough when he walks down the stairs this morning to notice I'm lying here......!

Nothing like a Saturday snooze…..well, honestly, any day is a good snooze day as long as the monster (vacuum) isn’t out of its’ closet and Dad isn’t doing something NOISY in his shop in the garage. 

I heard Mom say a little while ago that there’s a part of the front yard that needs mowing.  Just a “part” ??  Usually she does the whole thing (mostly an excuse to ride around on her lawnmower I think!)……..but with no rain for weeks now, nothing is growing out there……except the weeds of course.  I bet that’s what she’s going to do – – – mow the weeds!   I guess THAT will be a little bit noisy but won’t last long if she’s just doing part of the yard.  I’ll just watch from inside the house like I usually do.  When I see her heading back to the garage, that will mean all the noise will be OVER and I can return to my regular Saturday schedule!

Well, Stevie the Moocher has already been here for her morning snack and left for another day of high adventure (or whatever it is that she does all day long!)…..and I haven’t checked to see what Mom gave me for breakfast yet so I guess I’ll give it the old sniff test and maybe a slurp or two.  Then it will be back to the stairs or my window perch or on Mom’s bed for more Saturday snoozin’…….

Hope you all get a chance to enjoy some Saturday snoozin’ too! 

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

From “Handful” to “Armload”…That’s Me!

Alright - so I'm even MORE of a handful now than I was when this pic was taken!

This was back when Daddy could actually HOLD me.....now that I'm 14 lbs. I'm even MORE of a handful! HAHA

Ahhh….another week begins.  Actually the only day of the week I “know” is Sunday and that’s because one of my parents brings the Sunday newspaper inside and I get to play with various parts of it while they read the rest.  All the rest of the days are pretty much the “same old, same old”…….

But that’s another story……I was looking at some of my old baby pictures and realized that I used to be pretty darn small.  This old photo of me in Dad’s arms was taken after I’d lived with them for a few weeks – nobody could say for sure how old I was at the shelter but I was a lot smaller than this!  We cats can grow FAST!  I really don’t remember much about how I got to the shelter to tell you the truth.  They told my parents that I was “found” under an old house.   All I know is I was one lucky kitten to have been at the shelter the day Mom and Dad came in because they adopted me and I’ve been spoiled rotten ever since. 

I know that I’m not THAT big of a cat really – Mom had a good friend that had two cats that each weighed 25 lbs. and there are LOTS of people who have big cats like that – or even bigger!  Mom says I eat like a little piggy but imagine how much food those BIG cats eat……wow……If I wasn’t so picky about my food who knows how much I might weigh.  YIKES

I already know today is going to be the day I have to get my nails trimmed.  It’s quite a project, thanks to me and my squirming!  Daddy holds me (haha) and Mom trims my nails.  The hardest part is my extra toes on my front paws (so she says).  I usually try to stay very still but not TOO still – I want to make it a bit of a challenge for them.  Tee Hee….yeah, I’m a little devil alright! 🙂

I guess I’d better go now – if I’m not mistaken (and I never am) Mom’s got the pantry door open where my food is…..I need to get down there and get in position to give a “thumbs up” approval or a “thumbs down” rejection of whatever she puts in my dish.  I like to keep her on her toes – – – I change my mind frequently – – – what was yummy one day, might be icky the next. 

Life is good……..I hope BREAKFAST is too!!!

Sammy, One Spoiled Fourteen Pounder