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SPARKS on Monday


Let it Shine Today

“Sparks” on Monday is the idea of our friend Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – the idea is to share a thought, quote, photo, some kind of inspirational “message” with the world to start our week off with some LIGHT.    It’s a great Blog Hop because every post you visit, pumps up the volume for your day!     You may find that something someone else says SPARKS your day in a powerful way – or causes you to perhaps realize that life can be as light as you want it to be………..or as DARK as you allow it to be.     If you want to join in – just click on Annie’s graphic above and go to her blog to fill out the LINKY tool and your post will be in the Hop.

Here’s my “spark” for today – from one of my favorite writers/poets – a lady who contributed some years ago to a poetry anthology called “Cosmic Brownies” which I edited for a publisher – and who has inspired people for a very long time in many ways.     It’s such a SIMPLE statement………..but powerful.    It kind of goes along with a previous “Spark” I posted which was all about how I believe there is a lot of power in simply wearing a smile on your face every day.    People see that – and most of the time they smile back – and they cause someone else to smile, etc…….it’s a chain reaction and who knows how many lives you’ve brightened with just a smile – BE THE SPARK………………


Hugs, Pam

Sparks on Monday



Monday rolls around yet again and it’s time to start our week off with some inspiring thoughts – some positive feelings – the more we look to the light, the more light we will have around us and in a world that often feels rather DARK, sparks are more welcome than ever before.     SPARKS is a great BLOG HOP started by Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – she just KNEW that the more positivity we share and the more positivity we hang on to in our own lives, the lighter and brighter ALL our lives will be.   SO, on Mondays we post an inspirational thought in the HOP at McGuffy’s Reader and take some power from them.

If you’d like to join in – please do – just click on the SPARKS graphic above and using the LINKY tool there, enter your blog info and we’ll be visiting you to see what “sparkling” thought you may have to share as we start out this week…………….we know how great it is to see a light at the end of the tunnel……….instead of looking for the light – BE THE LIGHT!

Here is our SPARK for today – simple thought – big impact!

Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

With thanks to Annie……………

Sparks on Monday….


Time for Monday SPARKS! 

Our friend Miss Annie at McGuffy’s Reader started a new post idea for Mondays – last week was the FIRST of many “SPARK” posts to come.    We participated then, and we’re participating today too with another bit of “SPARKLE” for the world……………..the idea is to post something that lights up the day, the life, the thoughts, the energy for those who read it.   Adding a little spark to the way we think………….if enough of us sparkle – who knows just how LIGHT the world will get!     If you’d like to join in – just click on the SPARKS poster above and go to McGuffy’s to add your sparkling thought to the Hop.

Here’s our SPARK for today and thanks Miss Annie for hosting this GREAT idea!

Love and SPARKS from me and Mom!  

Love, Teddy