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SPARK on Monday



Another Monday rolls around and we look for a little something – a thought, a message, a mantra to start off on the right food this week. SPARKS was started by Ann McGuffy whose blog (MCGuffy’s Reader) was hacked some time ago and Ann has not returned to regular blogging – BUT that hasn’t kept a lot of us from carrying on her idea.  Sharing a Spark to start off the week – a thought to keep us going on a positive road to the next weekend…….or maybe a message that we need to take to heart and learn from – it’s never too late to learn after all!

My SPARK for today and this week is a little different……………….It really is something that spoke to me when I found it and the more I thought about it the more I realized IT IS ME.   It really is ME……then I thought a little more and I realize that it’s not only ME but I’m thinking it’s a LOT of people but maybe they haven’t really THOUGHT about it before.    So it became my SPARK for today because I want you to think about it…………….!!  


I think when we get down the road of life and there’s probably less time ahead than we have behind us, these sorts of things pop into our head – we think about our past and what we learned or should have learned from it.    I admit to making a lot of mistakes but without them – I would NOT BE ME.    And honestly – I like ME!

Have a great week!

Hugs, Pam