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Teaser Tell All Class




Our Security Team with Clowie and Company has advised that all is secure on campus so we shall proceed with class……………have a seat students.  No milling about and pestering your fellow students please!

Excuse me?   I do not pester……I sit at my desk quietly and pay attention (sort of)……

Yesterday’s photo was beautiful and we thought it also might be difficult but YET AGAIN our Graphics Department chose a photo that was FAR from difficult.   That became apparent as the guesses flooded in with the right town but still SOMEONE was FIRST RIGHT………we’ll tell you in a minute about that but first things first – WHO WAS FIRST COMMENTER????





I was the first and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of May 12, 2020! YAY for me!

Phooooey!  I was super early yesterday and commented so I thought I’d be FIRST!   DARN!

Here’s the photo that the Graphics Department gave us for Teaser this week……………..one absolutely gorgeous place on the planet we might say……………….

This is the totally gorgeous, quiet, and small town of Albarracin, Spain.   Here is an interesting site you can visit and get a lot of information on this beautiful location CLICK HERE.

Who was the lucky ducky who guessed this FIRST?    There may have been a lot who guessed it but only ONE STUDENT who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!




Here’s your reward for being a smarty Da Phenny:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of May 12, 2020 – I am one smarty Weim !!!

Those of you who ALSO guessed correctly, get one of these of your very own (just copy it from below and post it to brag about it!):

Well I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of May 12, 2020. Maybe next week??????

And those of you who guessed but were wrong – you get a GREENIE of your very own!

OK – So I wasn’t RIGHT when I guessed the Teaser photo of May 12, 2020 – but I GUESSED so I get something for that anyway!

Let’s Hear It For The Teaser Winners!

Now let’s welcome our Cheer Team who I might add was VERY HAPPY to learn there was only ONE FIRST COMMENTER yesterday instead of FIVE like last week!!!!

Well wahoo and wow and goodie for us
One First Commenter and that’s a plus!
We hurt our brains writing long, drawn out cheers
The sound of our own voices fills our eyes with tears!
We may not be good but we sure are LOUD
Especially when we cheer for the Teaser crowd!
FIRST COMMENTER for Teaser was Miss Sharon
If you got here later than her, then it’s not worth carin’ !
Then we waited to see who would be the FIRST RIGHT smarty
It was DA PHENNY who started the party!
Since it’s a pretty day we’re heading out on our Harleys
We’d better go now before traffic gets gnarly!

Thanks ladies……………………..heading to the Pub or a new spot today?

We’re heading to a new bar……………

Well that looks like it could be your kind of place girls…………………have fun………………..be careful on that bike!

Now students – its’ time for us to head over to the cafeteria to visit Miss Dingleberry’s wonderful lunch line…………………..let’s go.

It’s about time you let us eat!   I’m getting very cranky!

OK Students!  Our cafeteria workers are ready for you to come through the line!  Enjoy!

Today’s Menu:

ALL ABOARD STUDENTS!   See you next Tuesday for more photo fun!   

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tell All Time


Students!   You remembered where to come for class today!  BRAVO……..Clowie says we’re good to go so let’s start telling all.

I’m trying to control my excitement….but it’s not easy sometimes!

We are glad that you’re excited – we are too.    We love our new classroom and we are glad you all do too.

I need a booster seat for my desk chair – I’m a little SHORT!

We’ll make sure you have a high stool next week Edgar!

We’re glad all of you found the new classroom with out a lot of problems yesterday and that you took time to COMMENT before you sat down.    Want to know WHO was the very first student to COMMENT yesterday morning???????


I’d like to know too – I was here VERY early myself!

Our very FIRST COMMENTER yesterday was:

Drumroll Please!




OH BOY! I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of February 25, 2020 – I’m a “FREQUENT FIRSTIE” !!


So  yesterday’s Teaser was from our Graphics Department and it was really a pretty photo – we thought we just might fool everyone with this one but guess what – WE DID NOT!    Here’s the photo:

We asked you to tell us what city and state or country this photo was taken in – and the FIRST student to tell us it was taken in ZARAGOZA, SPAIN was:

Drumroll Please!


HIPPITY HIP HOORAY for Miss Jackie!!!

CONCATULATIONS Miss Jackie – you are also a FREQUENT FIRST RIGHT GUESSER in class……!   Here is your badge:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of February 25, 2020 – WOW – I am a force to be reckoned with!!!!

We had other right guessers yesterday too – and in fact our Security Director Clowie was ALMOST our First Right Guesser – she was hot on the trail but didn’t QUITE beat out Miss Jackie with the correct guess.     If you were also right but not first, we have a BADGE for that…………..please take one (you too CLOWIE!):

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of February 25, 2020 but I was NOT FIRST! Maybe next week?????

If you were WRONG with your guess…………….well by now you know that you don’t walk away empty-handed.   We have a badge for everyone who TRIED but were WRONG:

Gosh – I thought I was right but I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of February 25, 2020. At least I still get a cool badge to inspire me to do better next week! Boo Hoo!

Concatulations Students!


No worries – you can study hard this week and perhaps win something next week! 

I bet the Cheer Team will CHEER you all up and get you ready to pop off to lunch and then HOME for the rest of the day……………………..girls?   Take it away!

This week’s winners are familiar faces!
They recognize the photos taken in so many places!
Our First Commenter was Sharon – she’s an early riser
To be FIRST COMMENTER for her is not a “surpriser” !!!
Then we waited to see who would guess the Teaser location
Miss Jackie of course – the smartest in her nation!!
We’re proud of all who guessed cuz it’s sometimes rough
But Ding Dong School students are made of STRONG STUFF!!!!!!

Now – who’s UP for lunch?    I know we are.    Let’s go shall we???    You’re free to head home after lunch students.

Happy Tell All Tuesday Students…..we’re ready to tell all of you what’s on the menu today!

Dingleberry’s Delightful Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All aboard the MAGIC BUS……….we will see you next Tuesday for more TEASER fun!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time!!


YES!   Today is the last day we will have to wear turkeys on our head and we are very happy about that.   We’ve had feathers get stuck in our ears, foot smudges on our glasses (Angel Sammy anyway), and a whole lot of NOISE with all that “gobblegobblegobble” stuff.   At last we are FREEEEE!

But enough about us………..today is all about YOU!     You and the Teaser we had yesterday which – we are thrilled to say – FOOLED EVERYONE (at least as of time we’re doing this post!).

First, let’s tell you who our FIRST COMMENTER was…………………..and let me say that this is the SECOND WEEK in a row she’s been FIRST COMMENTER – and was the only FIRST COMMENTER last week and again this week.  No sharing of the badge with anyone………….who is this wonder woman??????




Miss Sharon of FRIENDS FUREVER!!


Miss Sharon you get a SPECIAL badge this week:

Then we sat back and watched the guessing action…………waiting…………..waiting…………..watching…………….and as of time we went to press with this TELL ALL post, nobody had guessed it – BUT we will certainly FIX that if we come back this morning and find someone DID figure it out!    But as of now…….nobody has – we CAN tell you who sent this wonderful GEM of a Teaser photo in though!

This fabulous photo was snapped by Miss Jackie of TWO DEVON CATS…………..she and her husband were on the other side of the River Nervion in Bilbao, Spain standing outside the Guggenheim Museum looking across to the other side………admiring (no doubt) the beautiful trees!    Below are two other photos she took at the same location – one looking to the left and one looking to the right.


Thank you Miss Jackie – this was a REAL TEASER of a TEASER!!   Here’s a thank you badge from US to YOU!


My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of November 20, 2018!


POOEY!   I guess we ALL get GREENIES!!

Lots of you are going to be eligible for our world famous GREENIE this week………….so please………..help yourself to a copy of the special Thanksgiving GREENIE and wear it in good health!

I did NOT guess the special Thanksgiving Teaser photo of November 20, 2018 but I tried – and that’s what’s important right? Right!


Here are our cute little Cheer Team members – ready to knock your socks off with a cheer for the occasion!

Yes we’re turkeys and we’re not happy
These suits aren’t cute, they’re huge and flappy!
But we’ll try to be cheery and not be grumpy
Even though we look extremely dumpy.
Congrats to Miss Sharon for TWO FIRSTS IN A ROW!
She’s really hot – just watch her go!
As we write our cheer nobody has guessed the Teaser
I guess you could call this Teaser a big WHEEZER!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all and don’t overeat
Or you may find yourself away from the table and on the toilet seat!

Gosh Team…….that was depressing and inappropriate all rolled into one.    But what can I say – you all generally are on the edge of insanity with your cheers so why should this be any different?????

Anyway, congratulations to everyone whether you WON or LOST – everybody gets a badge………..we always have PLENTY of Greenies!!!!

I have a BIG greenie collection and one more won’t bother me one bit!

Shall we make our way to the cafeteria for Miss Dingleberry’s THANKSGIVING lunch?    I’m sure it will be delicious……………………and remember, our school first aid room is available if you find that you’ve overeaten and aren’t feeling very well.    Nurse Pinkerton will be standing by.

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving Students!  My staff and I hope you enjoy today’s FEAST!

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you Miss Dingleberry and thanks to your cafeteria staff too – it was a magnificent meal.   We Professors would like to wish EVERYONE a most wonderful Thanksgiving and if you aren’t celebrating THanksgiving in your part of the world, just know that we are very thankful you visit Ding Dong School….

Your Full of Turkey Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tell All


Let’s TELL It All !!  

Hello Teaser fans…………..we thought MAYBE we might just get a bunch of you to head down the WRONG garden path to an answer yesterday with the photo – it was a night time shot, there were horses so it looked kind of “Western-ish”…………..but instead of that, a whole PILE of you knew it right off the bat……………..but that’s leaping ahead a bit.  Let me back up and start at the beginning!

The first person to comment yesterday actually wasn’t just ONE person – we had THREE!    Who?

Oliver and Calvin and Miss Csilla


So why don’t I tell you NOW who my Guest Teaser was for the photo yesterday……………………….shall I?   Here’s the photo:

Pretty spectacular photo isn’t it???   Well it was sent in by our good friend Leo from WalkandPigOut and it was taken by him at the Hermitage of El Rocio, Almonte, Province of Huelva, in Andalusia, Spain.   You may know Leo and if you do you know not only does he travel a WHOLE LOT but he lives in Spain.   He says this location is often PACKED with people so we were lucky to be able to see it in a “non-super-busy” moment!   It’s such beautiful architecture……..we had several guesses that were correct but it fooled quite a few people too with some guesses that it was Mexico, or Texas – somewhere in the USA Southwest.   Thank you Leo!   This is for you:

For Leo on March 8, 2017

Now who was the smarty pants (or in this instance who were the multiple smarty-pants!) who guessed correctly FIRST????   We again had a tie – a perfect tie at the same minute as two answers arrived that were right at 8:20AM my time.   Who?

Oliver and Calvin (YES AGAIN!) and Friends Furever!


You both get one of these:

AND then there were SEVERAL others who guessed correctly, and each of you gets this:

AND of course we have the GREENIE BRIGADE which consists of those of you who were WRONG – you get this:

If you came here and looked at the photo and made a guess – you’re a winner in our book anyway! 

Now here’s a bit of a confession from my Mom…………..yesterday a couple of comments went into our WordPress “PENDING” file and Mom didn’t see them right away – so she told someone ELSE that THEY had been first when they actually hadn’t – the two “PENDING” comments were first!     She (and we!) felt bad about that so we want to give Flynn and his Mum Miss Jackie this HONORABLE MENTION because Mom screwed up made a boo boo and had them thinking they were first……………..SORRY FLYNN AND MISS JACKIE!!!

For Flynn and Miss Jackie because Mom made a boo boo on 3/8/2017

Tomorrow we have our weekly poetry challenge – we’re getting through the alphabet for the second time and this week we arrive at the letter “M”…………….just write a poem about something starting with the letter “M” and post a link to your poem in my comments tomorrow OR you can even just write your poem in my comments and SHARE with everyone here!!!   YAY!

See you tomorrow?  I hope so!

As to where we will be NEXT Tuesday in this big wide world, I can’t tell you BUT it will be another Guest Teaser – I have the photo already………….so be purrrrpared for a toughie!

Love, Angel Prof Sammy (and Teddy too)

P.S.  Here’s a badge you can put on your blog if you wanna tell the world you’re a TEASER FAN!

Teaser Tell All


I’m Tellin’ !


OK class – settle down – Professor Angel Sammy is coming down the hall……..




Uhhh….thanks Sarge for getting class ready to begin for me!

YOU MAY ALL SIT DOWN………………now let’s get down to the nitty gritty about yesterday’s Teaser.   First up is to THANK our Guest Teaser for the fabulous photos.   Miss Annie of Animal Couriers sent this group of photos to us and we thought they were GORGEOUS…..and that they just MIGHT fool everyone……..we were wrong.    BUT we thank you Miss Annie and this is for you!!


Here’s the photo for a last peek:


And the second one


This beautiful place is Casa Blava Blue House; Emporda Costa Brava Girona in province Catalonia, Cadaques, SPAIN!   Our friend Leo gave a whole lot of information too about the famous artist Salvadore Dali who was from this area!    Thanks Leo for helping out with info.

Here’s another photo Miss Annie sent showing this GORGEOUS town from the water………


Before we tell you who got it first, I must tell you we had a TWO WAY TIE for First Commenter…………………BOTH of you get a badge!

Kolytyi (Miss Csilla) and Da Phenny !


Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER WAS:  Leo !!!!!  (I wonder if the fact he lives in Spain helped????)


Then others posted and THEY knew it was Cadaques, Spain!  All of YOU get this:


If you weren’t right – or you were clueless in class, then you STILL get the lovely GREENIE!


I’m holding off on that “Almost Right” badge for a while until I get things figured out so it’s FAIR to award it to someone.   OK?  OK!   We may just put that on the BACK BURNER (ouch I burned my paw!).

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome for my new little brother too – Teddy is loving living with my Mom and Dad and I’ll do a post all about him on Thursday or Friday.   Here’s an updated photo of the little booger sucking up to Dad on the couch in Mom’s office…..YES – he’s actually HOLDING on to my Dad’s arm and hand!    Also, if any of you are interested in pawticipating in the WELCOME TEDDY Blog Hop on February 19th, CLICK HERE because the LINKY is open for you to sign up!!!   Just scroll down the page past the other hops and find the TEDDY WELCOME hop!


Those of you who do Poetic Thursdays with me know that tomorrow is the letter “J”!   A bit of a challenge!   See you here!


Until next week!

Professor Angel Sammy