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Moon Trip Teaser!


Hi Everyone!!!   Well, I thought I’d give you a bit of a “teaser” about our upcoming trip to the Moon.   I thought you MIGHT like to see what the rocket ship actually looks like that I’ve chosen for our trip.   This baby is what you’d call LUXURIOUS too………I’ll even show you one of the interior shots so you can see we’ll be traveling in STYLE!

MOON-Rocket1 MOON-Rocket2

I’m working on some fun things for us to do too while we’re on this trip and some of them will involve competitions – WITH PRIZES – that’s right PRIZES – and everyone will be eligible to win!   Fun huh?  Want to hear just one of my ideas for a competition?   Well, everyone is going to be issued a spacesuit because – well – we’re going to be in space of course – you don’t have to wear it ALL the time but you will have to wear it PART of the time, and I’m sure you will want to “personalize” it a bit with your own special touches so everyone will recognize you in your suit.   Anyone who wants to pawticipate in that competition by adding some purrrrsonality to your suit will win a prize if the voting poll shows they’re going to be the “best dressed space cadet” on the trip!

I’ll even show you the spacesuit……………..you can be thinking about how you might want to fix it up to your own personal specifications!  You need to photoshop your face in there of course (!!) but add whatever other “stuff” you think will give it some extra personality – unique to you – for instance if you’re a girl you might want to color it PINK (or not).  Whatever – feel free to do as you wish!    Can you start on it now since I’m showing it to you?  Yes you can…………you’ll have tons of time to work on it since we won’t be leaving for our trip until after Valentine’s Day……….Here it is:


I had to remove the “head” that was in the suit of course – so put your own in there!!!!

I’m going to give everyone PLENTY of time to get prepared for the trip – including details on all the competitions – so you can get your photos to me for any of the competitions that we’ll be holding well ahead of the trip.  Don’t send your spacesuit photo to me now – I’ll let you know when.

ARE YOU GETTING EXCITED????   I hope so………because I sure am!   By the way, included in our trip will be a stop-off at the International Space Station where we’ll be having a meal before we continue on to the Moon.

Now that I’ve given you some things to THINK about…………..I’ll leave you – because I hear the monster coming out of the closet now – it’s cleaning day you know…….I want to be well out of the way for that!

Hugs From the Moon Man

Sammy !!!!