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A Crowded Spaceship


Not everybody gets to go to the Moon


WE’RE going in just a few days!

That’s right……tick tock the countdown has begun.   We’ll actually be on the Moon this time next week……!   I’ve been teasing you a bit with a photo here and there and I have another one to share with you today – this is a shot of our hotel on the moon.    It’s called the STARDUST – appropriate right?   Very exclusive, very chic, very classy…..just the kind of place you’d expect to say on a trip to the Moon hosted by YOURS TRULY!!!

The Stardust Hotel Welcomes You!

The Stardust Hotel Welcomes You!

You already know what the rooms look like since many of you decorated yours and submitted them to the room decorating contest…….and you’ve seen our Banquet Room for the Awards Ceremony too!   Now would you like to see the size of the crowd going?   There may be one or two of you missing from this photo but it’s tough to keep track of a crowd this big (hahahaha).


Here’s a name list of everyone who’s going…..Cali, Tater, Shelly, Andy, Coccolino, Easy, Cubby, Ellie, Allie, Misaki, Cathy Keisha, Lucy, Gracie, Tubby, Nellie, Kozmo, Jo-Jo, Raz (need your photo buddy!), Oscar, Dinnermintz, Doc, Ranger, Addycat, Marty, Brooch Czarina, Alfie, Mollie, Odin, Madi, Marty, Misaki, the Hutch A Good Life guinea pig boys (all four!), yours truly, my Mom and Miss Dianna.  Whew.   Monday is the LAST DAY to sign up.

Mom’s working with the STARDUST’s catering crew now for our banquet night buffet.   I decided a buffet would be better than a sit down dinner……less formal……I’ve also decided that because we have such a BIG CROWD coming, I’m going to have THREE prizes for the Spacesuit Contest.……….that’s right – the THREE spacesuit entries that get the most votes will get a prize!   There was only going to be one prize – but there will be First, Second and Third place winners in that competition.  Only one winner and prize for the Room Decorating and only one winner and prize for the Moon Monster contest though.  They are turning out to be smaller polls (whew!).

Everybody that comes along will get a badge to take home – sew it on your spacesuit or put it on your blog or put it on your backpack – whatever and wherever – but it will show everyone that you went to the Moon with Sammy!  WOO HOO!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, bacon’s calling……….it IS Saturday you know!!!!!!

Your lovable space guy


Ground Control to Major Sam.........

Ground Control to Major Sam………