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Sam In Space



Sam In Space

I do look rather smashing in this fancy suit...but this seems a little HARSH as punishment!

Well, if Mom has her way (and she most often does), this could be me any day now….that is if she decides to call NASA to see if there’s an opening for another space dude.                                                                                

OK – let me back up a bit…….this all started YESTERDAY when my parents disappeared around 1PM and didn’t come back home until around 7PM.  They left me here all by myself for that whole long time.  Off they went to see a play then out to dinner.  What did poor little Sam do?  Sat and looked out the windows waiting – longing for his parents to return!  Sniff.  There’s only so much I can do to keep myself occupied with no humans around you know!

I gave them the cold shoulder when they finally got home.  So there!

But, what pushed Mom over the edge and brought on this space cat thing is that beginning at around midnight – after my parents were sleeping away peacefully – I began my assault.  Commando cat…….I hopped up on their bed and meowed nice and loud.  They woke up (tee hee) and gave me pets and snuggles and I settled down for about five minutes between them…..waited for things to get quiet then hopped down and left the room.  I did the same thing about every thirty minutes ALL NIGHT LONG.  Yep – I sure did.  Around 2AM Mom decided to just plain get up and give me some fresh food, check my litter box, adjust my tissue and toy pile for me then she went back to bed thinking MAYBE I’d settle down. 


I changed my tactics a bit after that.  I’d go upstairs and go in their room – go under the bed and begin meowing…….To his credit OLD DAD slept right through everything after around 1AM but good old Mom sure didn’t.  She was up/down/up/down/up/down all night long!  The last time I woke her she got up and shoo’d me out into the hallway and closed the bedroom door.  That was around 4AM.  But at 5AM which is when she ALWAYS gets up anyway, I was back and howling at the closed door.  She got up.  She’s been grumpy ever since.  Even coffee didn’t help.  She looks like she was run over by a truck…..kinda rough around the edges you might say.

So – maybe you think her idea to send me into space isn’t a bad one huh?  Perhaps I pushed the envelope a bit too much………maybe I should let her have a nice long nap today……..I’ll think about it……seriously…..because I’m just not sure being a space cat is right for me.  What if they don’t load enough treats into my spacesuit before tossing me out of the spaceship? 

Sammy – In trouble today I’m afraid!!!!