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Friendly Fill-Ins


Happy Friday before Easter and Happy Passover as well.    Time for us to join the “all about yourself” HOP which is co-hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.   If you click the badge above it will take you to 15andmeowing and you can LINK up for the Hop there if you like!

Here are the four questions our two hosts gave us for this week………………ready?     Mom and I shared again this week – her answers are in GREEN and mine are in BLUE !

1.  I am never too busy, or too asleep, or too far away from the front door – to go outside if Mom calls me!!!.
2.  For Easter (or Passover) this year, I will be using regular food coloring from my baking supplies to color Easter eggs (I forgot to buy Paas color tabs this year!)
3. I would want the Easter Bunny to leave me a basket filled with GODIVA chocolates.
4. When times get tough, everyone forgets THEIR troubles and helps others (at least that’s what Mom says would be nice if it was true!).

That’s it for this week!    We think that the Easter Bunny will find a way to visit everyone he needs to visit………………..he might have a mask and gloves on his paws but he won’t let the children of the world down that’s for sure.
I’ll be cookin’ up something for Easter in my kitchen in Baconia tomorrow!

Bunny Cat Hugs, Teddy