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We Love Surprises!


Apparently LOTS of you do because my “surprise or no surprise” poll results yesterday about the Teaser tell it like it is……………..you like to be surprised!  So for now, I’ll continue with random times for my Teaser posting until you scream NO MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE PULEEEEEEEEEEZE (or something similar)!


Well tomorrow my Troop on Cat Scouts is hosting a Sock Hop.  No it’s not where you hop around with socks on – it’s a “thing of the fifties” when girls in poodle skirts and bobby socks would dance with guys in jeans and leather jackets in a high school gymnasium and do the Twist, Swing, Jitterbug, Stroll and a number of other chiropractic nightmare moves that should have landed some of them in a hospital.  Only instead of HUMANS doing this craziness, it’s CATS.  That’s right.  Should be a hoot right?  Here’s a little preview of what we’ll be seeing on Cat Scouts at the Hop:   (click to bigify)


I may share some of the “after” photos with you on Saturday (after I wake up from sleeping in of course).   Mom won’t let me stay out too late – yes I’m 14 years old which is a Senior Citizen in cat years but I’m still living under her roof and while I do – her rules RULE!

Yesterday was my buddy Bailey’s  of Bailey Boat Cat birthday.  Imagine living the life aboard a beautiful sailboat?  Well that’s my friend Bailey for you.  AND on top of that he’s written a book all about being a boat cat and life at sea……my Mom is going to do a book review tomorrow of his book – but I can tell you right now – it’s CATABULOUS!!!!!


That’s about it for news from my world…………..although I’m sure before the day is over many exciting things will happen to me and cause me to have to share them with you tomorrow.   That’s what a blog is all about right?  “STUFF HAPPENS”?????   Well heaven knows it happens in my life…….that’s for sure!

Happy Thursday Peeps and Peepers!

Hugs, Sammy