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Yes, I am admitting here and now that a majority of time on most of my days for the past year or so is spent in sweet repose……………..from my toes to my nose, I sleep ever so deep and trust me, Mom is happy about that because when I’m awake I’m very…………………….VOCAL.    Yeah, that’s the nice way to say it – I’m usually calling her from somewhere in the house – I need her to do something for me – clean my litterbox, fill up the kibble bowl, let me outside, get in her chair so I can pop up onto her lap for a brush…………..whatever I want, I get.   Trust me.   Why do you think my blog is called ONE SPOILED CAT????

Anyway, I’m wandering off point here – the point is I love sleeping more than ever in my whole life……maybe it’s the medication I take, maybe it’s the hyperthyroid issue, maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s just because I LOVE TO SLEEP?????    Mom took some photos of me yesterday and feels compelled to show them so here I am – in all my glory…..snoring away on the rug in Mom’s room.


Her foot/paw fascination continues!

Her foot/paw fascination continues!

A closeup of me in LA LA land....

A closeup of me in LA LA land….

Zoom out and I'm still in LALA land.....and I'm smiling!

Zoom out and I’m still in LALA land…..and I’m smiling!

These days when I’m asleep I’m REALLY asleep – Mom can come and go in the room and I’m oblivious….she can bump her chair into her desk – I don’t hear it……..she can cough, sneeze, burp, I’m unaware.   Being hard of hearing is swell!   Mom is amazed that when I’m lying like this on the floor I actually look chubby.   In fact, I’m slim and trim now and when Mom feels my backbone she gets depressed – Dad tells her to “get a grip woman!   Sam’s better off without the weight on him!”………….and I am.   I don’t hobble around like I used to because of my achy joints!   WOOT!

I think the other photos Mom has taken of me snoring resting lately you’ve all seen…….but in case someone out there is a “sleeping cat photo fanatic”……here are some more of ME for your viewing pleasure……

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that’s the end of today’s show…………….ME ME ME ME, it’s all about ME.    Mom has been a flashy box crazy lady for the past six months….like she wants to chronicle and record every breath I take…………..well you never know how many breaths you ARE going to take and you never know what tomorrow will bring so I indulge her.   She’s my Mom.   Moms are super cool.

Before I leave……….I just want to say something about our lovely friends at All Fur One and One Fur All because their wonderful sweet pup Forrest flew off to the Bridge at home in the sunshine with his Mom and Dad there to help ease the way for him.   We’ve all either experienced this or will one day, and while we know it’s what has to be done or what must be, it’s NEVER easy.   I just want to say Mom and I are sending them and their whole family – furry and human – a HUGE HUG…………Ann Adamus of Zoolatry did a beautiful badge for Forrest……..he lived “the sweet life” Down Under and this is the way I will always think of him – looking out over the outback.    Farewell Forrest – I will look for you when I get there…..you can believe it my friend.


Happy Thursday and give those you love a hug……

Here’s one from me!  

HUG, Sammy


Caturday Cuddles


Hi Peepsters! 

Did you know that Caturday is the purrrfect day for cuddling?  Oh come on – I’m SURE you all know that!  Isn’t that one of the things we animals know about best of all?  The FINE ART OF CUDDLE/SNUGGLE ??? 

I’ve been working on my technique for almost 13 years now.  I started out as a little kid (you’ve seen a lot of these photos before so bear with me while I illustrate my point! 😀 ):

Happy Father's Day Pop!

Dad’s lap

And through the years, I’ve discovered that the cuddle spot of the century – for ME anyway – is on my Mom’s lap:

On Mom’s recliner

My Favorite Nap Spot!

On Mom’s legs

Now snuggling might be slightly different…..we can snuggle WITH lots of things including our humans….but you can always snuggle with a nice quilt or blanket too:

Sam making himself comfy while I'm TRYING to put fresh sheets on the bed!

On a fleece blanket

Sam Taking a Snooze on Mom's Bed

On a quilt

Sometimes I wonder what it might be like to have another cat for me to snuggle or cuddle with………I have a couple of other cats as you can see below, but I mean a REAL, LIVE, FURRY, BREATHING, MEOWING cat not one of these:

Yeah he looks like me but is he cuddly like me?


Then I realize that if I DID have another real cat as a buddy here in my house I’d have to share Mom’s lap (probably) and my other favorite napping spots (probably) and some of the toys I love so much (probably) – and suddenly it’s not such an awful thing to be by myself in my house.   Still, some of you have lots of brothers, sisters, and other animals living in your house with you and it SOUNDS like you enjoy having a big family………well, I look at it this way – cats have nine lives – right?  So maybe when I come back in my NEXT life, it will be as one of many cats in a home……HEY – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

Happy Caturday!

Love, Sammy

p.s.  today is the last day for the pumpkin contest – tomorrow voting starts!