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Speechless Sunday



(my version of a Wordless Wednesday!!)

Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

We’re all complaining about the hot weather…..I thought I’d just remind you of what’s coming sooner than you think!


Sammy 😀

Conversational Snow

Sam Closeup Lap

Huh? What'd you say Mom?

Mom and I had some cozy time (as usual) yesterday afternoon while we watched the snow coming down.  Mom said it was “conversational snow”……not much to go on and on about but worth a “mention” !!   It was funny though because it kept changing – – – sometime teeny tiny flakes you could barely see – then it changed to big, fat, juicy flakes – then a mixture of both – then all sleet.  Couldn’t make up its’ mind! 

It’s too dark to see outside yet this morning but I’m going to bet that when I CAN see out there, none of the snow stuck.  It had been in the 50’s the past several days and think that made the ground and stuff too warm for snow to stick.  (gee – I sound like a real weatherman huh??)

Yesterday about dinner time Dad made a big fire in the fireplace and since my tissue collection is on the rug in the middle of the room, I had a perfect spot to watch the fire from.  We just spent the evening watching TV together and of course I grabbed some ZZZZ’s and it was the PERFECT day. 

So what makes a perfect day for you??????

Your Pal Sammy


Happy FRYday….!

Me in a Santa Hat......

I'm just being silly! It's 100 outside but I'm just reminding you that COOLER days are ahead!

Friday….or FRYday as I’m calling it because it’s going to be around 100 degrees today.  YUCK.  I’m staying inside and going to pretend it’s winter and Santa Claws is coming to visit me soon.  I’ll dig into my toybox wagon and drag out my “holiday collection”…..I have some Christmas toys like a stuffed candy cane toy, and a stuffed Santa – you know the kind of toys I mean.  Anyway, I’ll just make believe – I’m good at that.  Whenever I look out a window today I’ll imagine snow.  Beautiful, COLD snow. 

You folks who have cats know that we have great imaginations.  Ever seen us look up at the ceiling or in a corner with BIG eyes and our ears back – “on alert” ??  Kind of like we’re seeing a ghost?  Guess what!  We are!!!  We see stuff you can’t.   

So, if I look out a window today and act like I am watching squirrels or birds playing in the snow……maybe I AM seeing it in my mind’s eye. 

I know this for sure…….I’m going to be wishing it was snowy out there because it’s been way too hot for me to even go outside these last few days and if there was snow out there – I’d be having a ball outside RIGHT NOW!   Sigh…………..instead, I’ll just try to enjoy my

FRYday !!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat Dreaming of SNOW


Sam’s Monday Morning Musings

When I complain about the rain, remind me of this!
When I complain about the rain, remind me of this!

So, I’m posting this picture of yours truly trudging through the “snow of February 2010” because I want to remind myself that things could be a lot worse than all this RAIN we’ve had!  Yep.  I like snow more than rain though because at least I’m not wet all over….just my feet, and as soon as I come inside I’m dandy.  Mom doesn’t have to rub me down with a towel like she does when I’ve been out in the rain……like TODAY for instance! 

I got to see my little chipmunk buddy a little while ago.  He lives under the porch stairs out front.  He likes the pot of flowers Mom has on the front porch….he steals petals from the pink flowers then runs back under the stairs.  Maybe he’s giving them to his girlfriend?  Maybe he’s making his bed nice and comfy?  When I was little I used to chase chipmunks – we have tons of them – nowadays I just like to watch them. 

Oh yeah…..an update on that black snake that we thought had moved into our tree?  Well!  We haven’t seen him for two days.  Maybe Dad’s attempt at “discouraging” him from staying around worked because we think he’s moved on.  I’m glad.  But not NEARLY as glad as Mom is! 

Hope you all have a happy Monday.  I’m off to finish up my breakfast.  

Sammy the Spoiled Cat