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Sunday Selfie Snoozer


Sunday Selfie…..

Doing what I do best!


Yes I have a lot of snoozer selfies – what do you expect for a 16 year old??

We’re joining The Cat On My Head Selfie Hop today – aren’t you?  

Just click their badge to see more selfies AND add yours!



King of Snooze

Pee Ess

And last but not least I am posting my entry in Evil Squirrel’s “THIRD ANNUAL CONTEST OF WHATEVER” – which requires that entries feature the murder (eeeek) of Evil Squirrel’s cartoon character creation “Buster the Possum”……….yes – scary isn’t it?   There’s  a prize involved for the winner – what can I say?  I’m a sucker for a contest!!!!   So if you’re SQUEAMISH, do not look further on today’s blog……………OK?    OK!!!!!   This is for you Evil Squirrel!