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Sam’s Sunday Selfie



As usual, I’m making a snoozy selfie!

It’s easy – just set the timer for 20 minutes which gives me time to fall asleep, and wham, bam, call me Sam, I’m asleep and the flashy beast catches me in mid snore!

We’re joining The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie blog hop – are you?   Just click their badge below my selfie and join up AND see the other selfies…(which of course aren’t QUITE as adorable as mine but hey………….)


Love, The Snoozer

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Pre-Tease Monday


Yep – it’s Monday again – about the time that everyone gets their engines revved up for Tuesday Teaser………………well it will take me a while to “rev” because I had such a nice, relaxing weekend.   Hard to put yourself in “drive” when you’ve had yourself in “park” all weekend.   This was me MOST of the time – at least when I wasn’t out in the yard or on the front porch!


Oh Mom!  Did you have to do the flashy thing???

Oh Mom! Did you have to do the flashy thing???

At least it's not right in my face!!

At least it’s not right in my face!!

About tomorrow’s Teaser – I just selected it a little while ago and I think it might be a tough one.  I say MIGHT.   Most of us are so happy to be RID of the winter but this photo will bring it all back to you – trust me.  You can almost feel the chill.   But that’s your only hint.  Yep – that’s it!   Wonder who’s gonna get it FIRST tomorrow?   Me too……..but whoever does will get this little goodie:


And whoever guesses right but isn’t first will get this ALSO little goodie:


And you folks who really don’t know or couldn’t stand to look at the cold long enough to guess, get this little goodie:


See?  Goodies for EVERYONE!!!   Now get a good night’s sleep because when the Teaser goes “live” at 6AM Eastern Standard Time tomorrow you wanna be ready – don’t ya??  Hmmm?????







Snooze-a-Thon Friday


Hi Everyone………….I’m FINALLY HOME!

It was an amazing party Mollie and Ranger threw for Valentine’s Day but I’m really glad to be back where I am the happiest – on my Mom’s lap!   I’ve got a LOT of sleeping to catch up on.  Mom showed me these photos she took this morning when I briefly became conscious between naps. 


There's no place like home for a sound snooze!

There’s no place like home for a sound snooze!

Was that Mom's camera I just heard???

Was that Mom’s camera I just heard???

Yep that’s me alright………….I’m thinking that even though I’m just a YOUNG AT HEART old guy at 13 years old, I need to slow down just a bit.  These wild PAR-TAYS might be for the younger bunch.  What do you think?  Should I become more dignified and laid back in my seniorhood?  Should I take life a bit more like my “alter personality” Samuel Hitchcat?

Mr. Cool, Calm, and Collected?  Is that how I should behave????

Mr. Cool, Calm, and Collected? Is that how I should behave????

Anyway, I don’t even think the monster out of the closet will disturb me today.  I intend to do a lot of that activity Mom caught on film this morning. 

A week from today my Mom will be leaving on her roadtrip to North Carolina to go to THIS BIG EVENT.   Dad and I are already talking about what kind of male bonding things we’ll be doing for two days while she’s gone.  Dad will probably be a slob for two days, and I’ll probably purposely make a huge mess out of my litter box to remind him of how lucky he is that Mom normally takes care of that kind of stuff.  Tee Hee

I hope you all have a grand Friday……….as for me?  You just gotta know I’m gonna be busy all day…………..snoring…………….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy the Snooze Machine 😀 😀

Sleep-In SAMday


Since yesterday my parents deserted me all morning were gone all morning to the Street Fair in town, today they promised to stay home and have a nice lazy day. 

That means naps for ME, playing with ME, pampering ME, taking ME outside, giving ME treats…..it’s SAMday – not Sunday. 

There will be:

Sammy looking soft and sweet (asleep!)


And some couch-potato-ing:

A Post-Breakfast Nap on the Couch



And last but not least, I’ll be visiting the “Grandma Chair” in the guest room for a little of this:

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.


So – you get the picture yes?  While I’m doing this, my parents will be reading the SAMday paper, having SAMday breakfast together on the back deck, and reading.May you all have a similar kind of day…..of course since I won’t be there with you it can’t be a SAMday for you like it is here, but I’m sure you’ll have almost as much fun as if I was spending the day with you (tee hee).

Kitty Hugs

SAMday Sam