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Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Friends!   It’s Sunday and time for the Selfie Blog Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head.    Just post a photo of YOU on your blog – then go to The Cat On My Head (you can click the badge above and it will take you there) and link up with the rest of us!      Most of us are used to suffering through a session of photography courtesy of our Mom or Dad – they follow us around waiting for us to do something adorable so they can snap a photo.    My Mom actually forgets she has a camera most of the time so I do a lot of “flashback” photos on Sundays.    This Sunday I have a new photo but it’s boring.    Sorry about that!

SEE WHAT I MEAN?   BORING PHOTO….I’m on a concrete sidewalk with no plants around….just me.

So Mom uploaded this morning photo to Lunapic – chose the art filter called “POLYGONS” and look what she came up with!

This ought to make a pretty darn good puzzle don’t you think?    Here it is:

Click this “mini-me” for the puzzle challenge…..good luck!

Happy Sunday!   Hugs, Teddy