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The Lump On The Bed


HAHA….bet you wondered what on EARTH I was writing about today with a blog title like that didn’t you?

Well, you might be disappointed if you thought it was anything but YOURS TRULY who gave Mom a hard time today when she was trying desperately to change the sheets. 

I was standing by her feet watching the removal of the old sheets and the prep work to put on the fresh sheets…..I timed it perfectly and as she unfolded the bottom sheet to put it on the mattress I hopped up and made myself comfy.  She can’t resist me…..she couldn’t possibly throw me off the bed so she could put the sheets on…..this I know after twelve years so there was no doubt in my mind she’d just let me have my nap PERIOD.

I did paw the mattress a little and stared at her which was my way of asking her to pretty please put the blue blanket on top of the mattress for me so I could lie on it.  She did……and the rest is history.

Try me again in an hour OK Mom???

An hour later she was back……..I was snoring away………she left……..and came back an hour later……the snoring was continuing…..she left yet again – went outside to work in her gardens and I was still there (!) but at least I was awake. 

Yep I’m still here but I MIGHT consider moving…..I said MIGHT!

 This time I helped her put the sheets, blanket and quilt on the bed.  YES I DID!   After she had three corners covered with the fitted bottom sheet I got up from my spot at the fourth corner and moved over a few feet so she could put the sheet on that corner.  Then she put the top sheet on (with me still lying there so I was under it) and tucked one SIDE of the bottom in – and I came out from under the sheet and moved three feet in the other direction so she could finish the tucking procedure!  Same exact thing with the blanket and last but not least with the quilt.  There…..DONE!


Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

At last….quilt on….bed changing procedure finished….time to move on!


And I helped…..well……..sort of. 

Mother’s little helper…………uh huh…….sure I am!

Kitty Hugs and Happy Friday!


Sort of Spring Again!


Hi…..me again…..and while I’m not complaining about the weather like I seem to do frequently, I do want to say that this is the wackiest spring we’ve had in my entire twelve years! 

We have wild swings from being in the 80s to having hail/snow/frost within the same week and YES I know some of you have that all the time but WE don’t here in Virginia!  Well, let me qualify that, we DIDN’T until this year. 

So I never know for sure if it will be a “lotsa naps” day or a “lotsa outside time” day.  That means I’m pretty much doing what most cats do which is live in the moment!  Nothing wrong with that……right? 

Here’s me today:

My Favorite Nap Spot!

Wake me when you're ready to go outside Mom!

I’m snoring away until Mom hears Dad saying “let’s go out on the back deck so Sam can have some fresh air!”……so up I get and:

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

OK, it's nice back here....but couldn't you have put ME in the picture???

Then after about 45 minutes it’s time to go back inside – Mom sits down on her recliner so of course I just HAVE to:

Sam Closeup Lap

OK...now let me just make sure I understand....we're going to STAY INSIDE for a while - right???????

See what I mean?  IN/OUT/IN/OUT……as for what kind of day weather wise it was – we started out with frost warnings this morning, then it warmed up to the mid-60s which really wasn’t so bad. 

I just had one of those days yesterday – had to stay on my toes (or at least either on my toes or on my tummy on Mom’s lap – one or the other).   Not a bad way to spend a day huh? 





Uh Oh……

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

What? Huh? Uhoh...I overslept didn't I?! It's this darn time change thing!

OK, OK, it’s embarrassing…..here I’m the one who mentioned the time change last night in my blog this past week and I’m the one who slept late this morning!!!  My blog is late, my breakfast was late…..and on top of that, my internal alarm clock wasn’t working like it ALWAYS has these past twelve years.  Usually (so says Mom), when the time changes twice a year I’m right on top of it.  I actually start “training” my parents about a month before the change by getting Mom up earlier and earlier every morning until that spring day when instead of really being 5AM, it’s 6AM.  Not this morning.  I’m afraid my old mature age is showing.  I pretty much sleep all the time so if my humans were expecting ME to be in charge of the time changes this year they were WRONG.  LOL So, here I am anyway, blogging an hour later than usual.  Something tells me though that me and my family aren’t the only ones who struggled a little with this stupid “Spring Forward” thing this morning – right?  Huh?  Come on………..’fess up!!  Well, this will be a short blog this morning because I’m WAY WAY WAY behind in my “things to do” today…..a whole hour off in fact……..gotta go rearrange my tissue pile and I’m still searching for that rubber chicken my Dad got me a few days ago.  Somethings up with that I think – – – just because I chewed the feet and head off of it I think Dad “confiscated” the rest of it so I wouldn’t eat it.  That’s probably for the best…..who knows WHAT that thing is made of anyway!!!!!!!!  Happy “Spring Forward”………..Your LATE Pal, Sammy

It Was A Cold and Windy Night……


Sounds like the beginning of a mystery or thriller novel doesn’t it?  Well, what it ACTUALLY is, is a perfect description of what it was like around here last night.  Super cold and very high winds ALL NIGHT LONG.  Mom agreed with me that it was a whole lot like the last time we had a hurricane through here (only without the rain).  It reminded us too of the awful tornado that we had some years ago.  EEEK. 

Catnapping on the couch

Good Morning Mom.....rough night huh? I couldn't sleep either!

Since we live at the edge of a woods and we’re on top of a hill, we get some pretty “noisy” winds.  If it’s windy the big oaks bend and creak and branches rub on each other – not to mention all the dead limbs that break off and land in our yard and on our roof!  It’s nerve-racking!  Mom and Dad have their bedroom on the top floor so they hear stuff hitting the roof better than I do on the lower floors.  That’s why I wasn’t up there with them last night – I hung out mostly in the basement where it’s quiet. 

Once last night when the wind was at its’ worst though, I came upstairs and hopped up on the bed just to do a quick check on them.  Mom was awake and gave me some pets and I cuddled with her for about thirty seconds (!!)  then I hopped back down and continued my patrol of the rest of the house.  She says she didn’t sleep much last night so I’m thinking there will be some napping going on around my house today.

The wind has died down a little bit……..but it’s still super cold.  We had a nice fire in the fireplace last night and today – probably again.  We’ve been so lucky this winter so far with weather…..and you can get wind ANY time of the year – but somehow when the wind is howling and the trees are creaking and the electricity is flickering off and on you just get the feeling you’re living IN a scary mystery novel!!!  

I hope you have a peaceful Sunday…….I know I’m just hoping for a QUIET one myself.


Lump In The Bed

Sam Preventing Mom From Making The Bed

Sheet changing day! I like to help....although Mom doesn't think this is helping!

Sheet changing day is always fun around here.  Mom gets the blanket and quilt or comforter OFF the bed then goes down the hall to the linen closet to get fresh sheets and I hop up ON the bed so I can – er – um – well – HELP finish the process!  What?  You don’t think this picture shows me helping huh?  Well, maybe not but it’s what I do EVERY time Mom tries to change the sheets.

So how is this helping you might ask?  Well, my Mom works hard around the house to keep up with me and Dad and the various and sundry messes we tend to make.  So I figure if I hop up on the bed when she’s busy changing sheets on laundry day, I can free her up for OTHER projects or give her a rest while I get in a quick nap!  See?  That’s helping…..sort of.  She either goes downstairs to start the laundry or goes into her studio to do something – so by my hopping up on the bed to interrupt the bed-making process, I’ve given Mom a break from the routine. 

At least this is what I tell myself every single Thursday morning when we do this VERY same thing with the bed-changing thing.  The best part is hiding under the bed until she’s walking down the hall to get the fresh sheets then surprising her when she gets back to the bedroom by being RIGHT HERE in the same spot every single time.  Come to think of it, I wonder if that’s a surprise……..I’ve been doing it every Thursday for twelve years……..maybe the “surprise factor” is gone??????????

So are you a fan of laundry day too in your house? 

Happy Friday