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Early morning bird watching

Watching the birds waking up in the morning - this is the PURRFECT spot!

Early morning bird-watching from the BEST spot in the house!  I often take a nap here, but it’s really one of the best places to see birds because of the leyland cypress trees right outside the window.  There are a LOT of nests in the trees and when it begins to get light out, the birds wake up and start their day too!  

Mom and I don’t go out for walks in the dark like we used to do, but something I liked to do then was watch the bats flying around.  There are a lot of them around here and they swoop and dive and scoop up bugs in the air – pretty cool.  One time a bat snuck back inside our house when Mom and I were coming in from a morning walk.  It just flew right in the basement door with us and I ran around all over the place trying to keep an eye on it!  Mom was freaking out of course….HAHA….eventually it flew over to the screen on the basement door and Mom was able to “encourage” it to fly back outside.  Whew!   I thought it was funny but she was not amused.

I actually have some bird “friends” too.  Every morning a couple of house wrens come up on our deck where Mom has some plants in pots and sit there calling me – I will get up on the back of the couch where the big window is that lets me keep an eye on our deck – I will talk back to them.  They stare at me and I “chirp” back at them.  I’m just SURE they’re calling “Sammy….you can’t get us….hahaha!!”.  Well, I’ve never caught a bird and I never will – not at my age anyway.  I know some cats do that but I just like to watch them. 

I’m such a good boy……..mostly……tee hee

Sammy, One Spoiled Bird-Watcher