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Wowzer Meowzer


Well, the “Wowzer” is in honor of the fact that I can’t believe it’s “YOU KNOW WHAT DAY”……………….what day is that?  Well you must have been on some other planet (or you just started following me!!) if you don’t know that today is:


That’s a great way to start my day BUT because of this ridiculous cold snap we – and many of you – are having, I’m not doing a THING today but what I did yesterday for the most part which is:

Sam Settling in for a Nap

Your warm legs are making me sleeeeeepy.

No surprise right?  Well, I’m also a bit tired because yesterday was a VERY BUSY day on Cat Scouts……..indeed…….we had a “test Quest”….sort of a trial run for the BIG Patrol Quests that we’ll be doing now that we’re all organized (or at least we think we are!)…………..we had some challenges today – we had to find campsites (using hidden clues on the site!), hike to the site, set up our tent, build a campfire, make dinner, and sprinkled throughout all of that we were to HAVE SOME FUN.  Well, we did all that and more.  Tomorrow will be “Day Two” of this test and who the heck knows WHAT we’ll have to do………but for now, here’s a few shots from yesterday for your entertainment!!!

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If you have lots of time on your paws (or your typist/secretary/Mom/Dad or whoever does) you should consider joining in the fun at Cat Scouts.  It’s interesting and fun all rolled into one.  Boring it is NOT.  😉

Have a super Wowzer Meowzer of a Saturday everybody and I’ll see you tomorrow for SILENT SUNDAY!


Sammy ! 🙂