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Sunday Selfie Hop



Let’s HOP together – what do you say? Every Sunday The Cat On My Head kitties have a Hop where we just show off ourselves………fun huh? Wanna join? Please do – click the badge above and link up with us to “strut your stuff”.

Mom actually took a few new photos of me yesterday.    Sadly they aren’t very interesting – just me after using my stairs to get up to the sink for a drink.    Yes – after all this time I’m still drinking water out of a sink.   Mom puts fresh water in the sink every morning.    You think I’m spoiled?    Yeah – so do I !   HAHAHA

Here I am:

I’m not sure which of these would make the most interesting puzzle but let’s see what Mom and I can do……………………first we have to jazz the photo up with Lunapic – I’m going with the one on the right………..

I’ve been Lunapic-ed!    This is me after we used the “Psychedeic” art effect!


Click the mini-me for the puzzle!    Good luck Puzzlers!!

Happy Sunday!   Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Fill Ins on Friday


Friday!   Time to fill in some blanks…………blanks?  Yes – sentences with “holes” left for us to fill in with our thoughts and ideas………..courtesy of our two hosts for the fun Hop.   If you click the badge above, you will go to one of our hosts – 15andmeowing – and you can link up and join in the “fill in the blanks” fun!!    I thought I’d share today – let my Mom do a couple of sentences and I’ll do the other couple.   Mom’s words are in RED and mine are in GREEN.

Here are this week’s sentences – two from each of our co-hosts:

1. I believe in the power of positive thinking.
2. I need to go Marie Kondo* on my toy box – it’s a mess – lots of old toys that are falling apart – most I inherited from Sammy so they are 18 years old!

3. It does no good to worry – after all – “it might not happen!”.

4. I find manipulating my Mom to be a walk in the park.
There you have it – the good, the bad, and the ugly from me and my Mom for this week.    HAHAHA
We had some “good, bad, and ugly” this week in fact in the form of weather………………….yesterday we had THREE BAD cold and icy inches of snow/sleet and today all the UGLY is melting away which is GOOD!    I bet I can go outside today for a walk finally.    I can’t WAIT for Spring!
Have a great Friday everybody……………..
Mom ordered some stairs to put at the side of the bathroom cabinet – maybe she’s tired of lifting a 22 lb. cat up to the sink for a drink?   

 Love, Teddy