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Weather Woes



We’ve been pretty danged lucky about weather the past few weeks………..more sun and nice temps in the 60s than we have a right to look for normally this time of year!   It’s been grand.  Mom and Dad have been out there chugging around the yard picking up leaves with the leaf machine on the lawn tractor and kind of think maybe one or TWO more times will do it for the season.  That means putting all that stuff away before Christmas!  YAY!  No more noise!

I can put the earmuffs away at last!

I can put the earmuffs away at last!

Today our luck ran out though – we are having rain from the really bad system that’s been in the middle of the country – some of it made its’ way here BUT not the SCARY part – no tornados, etc. – just a heck of a lot of RAIN and colder temps.   My little trips to the front porch for fresh air will be fewer and farther between.   For one thing I do not like to get wet.  I will go out in a light shower – then when we come back inside Mom dries me off with a towel.  Sometimes Mom will carry an umbrella and I know if I stick close to her feet/legs, the umbrella will keep ME from getting wet too!  I’m no dummy!

The next week we have Thanksgiving but do you realize what that means after Thanksgiving has left?  IT MEANS CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE.   I haven’t done a lick of Christmas shopping – nor have I  gotten Christmas cards to send to my buds!  I haven’t done A THING.   Good grief……the clock is ticking and I’m sitting on my tushie here in the house taking it easy.   So is my Mom – what’s with her?   She needs to start shopping for ME and Dad!   MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!    I can see that when she and Dad get back from their Thanksgiving overnight trip to W. Virginia, I will have to “kick some butt” around here………..that’s right – I said a bad word but somebody has to be in charge of this family of layabouts and I guess it will be ME!

Don't make me get ROUGH with you Mom and Dad!

Don’t make me get ROUGH with you Mom and Dad!

SO – do you have to keep your humans on track too?   Or are they ahead of the game and already shopping………….maybe mine are just extra lazy.   One GOOD thing is Mom says after they get back from Thanksgiving they will begin getting the Christmas decorations out – that means my TREEEEEEEEE and my CHOOO CHOO TRAIN!!!!!   Surely once those things go up in the library Mom will get the BIG Christmas spirit and start looking for things to fill my stocking this year.   After all – I’ve been EVER SO GOOD!!!

Dad THINKS this is his train.....I know it's MINE!

Dad THINKS this is his train…..I know it’s MINE!

Hugs, Sammy

I'll even try to grin and bear it in this outfit!

I’ll even try to grin and bear it in this outfit!