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Sunday is Funday for Sam


What’s the deal about Sunday?  Well, that’s the day the BIG newspaper is in the house.  The one with all the sections and comics and advertisements and stuff…the one Dad makes into a long tunnel for me to play in on the living room rug.  Of course I have to WAIT (not my best quality) until my humans have finished reading it first (why they want to read that stuff is beyond me!) – then Dad folds the sections in half and makes a long tunnel out of them…..and puts one of my toys at the END of the tunnel.  I like to zoom through the tunnel to my toy – sometimes with my tail held up so I destroy the tunnel when I run through!  That’s the game you know…..then Daddy has to set it all up AGAIN!!!  Eventually he gets tired of it.  By then I’m kind of tired of it too so it works out for both of us.

The other cool thing about Sunday is breakfast.  Mom makes breakfast ALWAYS on Sunday.  Not most other days of the week because she and Dad are busy doing human stuff but Sunday – ALWAYS.  Their breakfast involves one of my other favorite things – BACON!   I can smell it cooking and pester Mom the entire time it’s frying…..when it’s finally done and they sit at the table, I’m a good boy and don’t beg – well, not really – I just hop up and sit politely in one of the chairs at the kitchen table and STARE at Mom until she puts some bacon by my bowl on the floor.  We do this three or four times until I’ve satisfied my NEED for bacon. 

See why I love Sundays?  Lots to love about Sundays around here! 


DO I SMELL BACON COOKING???????????????????  Excuse me, blog’s over – time to visit the kitchen.

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (who loves Sundays!!)



Sam Is Camping Out…Inside!

Hey...this camping thing is WAY COOL!

Hey...this camping thing is WAY COOL!

Is this cool or WHAAAT?  Mom and Dad gave me this tent thing the other day and I just love it.  So much so that I dragged a bunch of my toys inside (including this string thing) and have managed to train Mom to bring me some treats to munch on while I’m camping!  Not only that, but this thing has a crinkly bottom so when I move, it makes a sound that’s really funny. 

Mom says I’m camping out.  I didn’t “get” what that meant really until she explained that sometimes humans go out in the woods or some other nice spot and put up a little house where they stay for a few days just to enjoy nature.   I gotta wonder how much they like it when it rains, or it’s cold or hot, or there’s lots of bugs and other creepy crawlies?  I don’t have to worry about all that since my “tent” is here in the living room where it’s nice ALLLLLLLL the time – there’s good takeout service thanks to Mom, and I’m comfy as can be.  In fact, yesterday I fell asleep in here.  Yep….sure did….

Camping isn’t just for humans….we cats like it too as long as it’s INSIDE.

Sam, One Spoiled Camper Cat!