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My Hectic Schedule

Sam Settling in for a Nap

Whew! I needed a rest...busy morning!

I’m sure you all think just about all I do is SLEEP….but you have to understand that because I have such a busy schedule, I need to stop and take a rest from time to time.  For instance, here’s what I did Wednesday morning:

  1. Woke Mom up at 5AM and supervised my breakfast preparation
  2. Checked my blog for comments that needed responses and supervised Mom while she helped me post them
  3. Followed Mom into the bedroom closet and supervised while she got dressed and ready to go to the grocery store
  4. Checked Mom’s grocery list to insure my treats and food were on the list in a suitably LARGE print so she wouldn’t forget them
  5. On her return, supervised Mom while she put groceries away while sitting on one of the chairs around the kitchen table talking the entire time (SHE called it pestering but I called it talking)
  6. Followed her upstairs to the bedroom closet again and supervised her while she changed her shoes to put on her house slippers while talking the entire time (SHE called it pestering but I called it talking)
  7. Whined at the front door for someone to PLEASE take me outside for a stroll and a grass munch.  I have to admit that this time I was the one who was being supervised…..
  8. Supervised Mom’s choice of treats for me after we came back inside from cruising around the front yard watching squirrels

Finally she sat down that that’s when she took the above photo.  See?  I was totally exhausted!   Then after I had a nap for about an hour Mom got up and did a load of laundry (which I supervised) and the ironing (which I also supervised).  After everything settled back down (gosh it just took her FOREVER!), she sat down again and when in about ten minutes I was sound asleep she took THIS photo:

Sam Sleeping (again)


So maybe now you see just how busy my day is and why I have to get my rest…..I just bet you thought I was one lazy old cat now didn’t you!!

OOPS – it’s time to go supervise Wednesday dinner preparations – see?  There’s just so much to do around here that a guy has to make sure he gets plenty of sleep to keep up with the awesome duty of “Household Manager” !


The Buck Stops Here!

Sam appears on a 100 bill.....now that's MAD money!

Sammy Bucks.....worth every penny!!

Talk about getting your money’s worth huh?  Now THIS is a sensible photo to be put on a $100 bill don’t you think?  Who wouldn’t like to have a wad of these babies in their wallet……..I would think they would be worth as much as the “real” $100 bills floating around out there.   Maybe more! 

Instead of having photos of all those old guys on money, why not jazz things up with pictures of famous pets?   I think we’re even more photogenic than the people appearing on actual bills and coins these days.  Just look at that face!!!!!  “Spend Me Pleeeease???”……..

The only thing is I’m not sure how I’d feel about being folded in the middle like my Dad does with his bills before jamming them in a money clip.  I’m too young to have a creased or wrinkled face!

Happy Thursday Peeps! 

Sammy, One Big Money Man


Ouch! Acorns Hurt!

A photoshop funny picture from a friend!

Thanks Miss Penny for my acorn helmet photo - I'm using the helmet EVERY day now!

Happy Wednesday Folks!  Not long ago I was complaining on my blog about how HUGE the acorns are this year – and since we have big, high oak trees in our yard those things fall from a long distance and really pack a wallop when they hit…..unfortunately, they sometimes hit ME or my Mom and Dad.  Yikes.  I don’t know why they are extra big this year but they sure are.  Anyway, when I complained, our friend Penny Maxson (who also has a cat named Sam!) sent us this funny card showing ME in an acorn helmet!  How cool is this?  If only I really had one of these it would save me a lot of headaches.  🙂 

The deer are eating all the acorns that the squirrels aren’t gathering, but still walking through our backyard is a hazard – at least for humans.  Walking across a patch of fallen acorns is like walking through a field of marbles Mom says.  They roll and make you slip…..now for ME, it’s not like that – I’m little enough I can pick my way through but Mom and Dad aren’t that lucky.  SO, today Mom plans to rake them up into a big pile…..I’m sure she will wish she had an acorn helmet like mine while she’s out there working. 

Know what I think?  I think the squirrels sit up in the trees and WAIT for me or my Mom to come by then heave those acorns at us on purpose!  Yep – it’s a game to them….kind of like being at a shooting gallery….I swear I can hear them talking up there…..”Hey, I got another one!”……”Wow!  Direct hit!”……”Did you hear that hollow sound when it hit her head???”…..

Well, anyway, that’s my thought for today…..watch out for falling acorns.  They HURT.

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (with an acorn helmet on!)

p.s.  special thanks to Miss Penny for my helmet

Pigs In A Blanket?

Nap time.....again!

One of those nappy kind of days......zzzzzzzz

Happy Monday Peeps!  Here’s the thing on my mind this morning.  Mom says humans sometimes have a snack called “pigs in a blanket”………I think that’s just crazy!  Yesterday when she THOUGHT I was sound asleep she told Dad that I looked like a big red and white pig in a blanket.  Hmm….not sure how I feel about that….especially if it’s something humans EAT!   Now really – do I look like a snack?  I think I look kinda cute all snugged up in my blanket.  PIG?  Pigs are pink…….and they don’t live in big houses up on a big hill and eat Fancy Feast cat food, bacon, and butter.  Nope.

Alright - so I'm even MORE of a handful now than I was when this pic was taken!

Is this a picture of Dad holding a baby pig? I think not!!!!!

I think Mom and I will have to have a discussion about this pig thing this morning.   The only thing I WILL say about pigs is that I think they are kinda cute…………..so maybe I DO have something in common with pigs……..I mean I AM cute – right? 

But I’m not pink!

Sammy, One Spoiled Pig Cat


Funny Face Sam

Can you tell by this face that I'm undecided?????

So, it’s Day One of THE GREAT EXPERIMENT.  Yep, Mom decided (she wants you to think it was ME who decided…but….) it was time for us to get a new look for my blog.  This is one of the possibilities but I’m – well – not sure how I feel about it.  It’s kinda blah…..I like the top part with the swirlies and curlies but – it’s leaving me less than excited.  Maybe it’s just that it’s something new? 

I’m thinking I’ll reserve judgment until I see the next two days worth of try-outs.  Why get all huffy and puffy with this FIRST one…..I kind of have the impression even Mom isn’t too impressed either (which is kinda funny since she spent hours looking at all the different themes and picked THIS one:)). 

What do you think?  I bet you want to wait to tell me until THE GREAT EXPERIMENT is over with – right?  OK.  We’ll have a vote later in the week.   This might be my blog but I want you all to have fun visiting me and if my blog is UGLY – well – it’s not as fun to read! 

Stay tuned………….tomorrow’s another day and another “look”……I have to admit, this is kinda fun……Mom says it’s like shopping for new clothes and she LOVES to do that……………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (Interior Decorator Extraordinaire!)

p.s.  I decided to wait on putting a page of my Mom’s artwork and photos and stuff on my blog until AFTER redecoration is complete…….:)