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Friendly Fill-Ins


It’s Fill-In Sentences Day!

(AND, Saint Patrick’s Day)

Every Friday we pawticipate in a co-hosted blog hop courtesy of 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader.   Each host provides all of us with TWO sentences with blanks and WE get to fill them in.  It’s tons of fun learning stuff about each other and if you’d like to pawticipate, just click the badge below and go to McGuffy’s Reader – use the LINKY tool to enter your blog address and post your blog with your OWN words in the sentence blanks!!!   Coolio right?   Right!

Here are this week’s sentences and who in my household did the filling in this week??????  Why it was Mom of course – Teddy and I don’t have a refrigerator of our own (#2) and we know ZIP about our heritage so we’ll turn this week’s filling in over to Mom!   (fill ins are RED)

1. The oldest item in my home is a quilt which was given to my Mom and Dad as a wedding gift in 1946.

2. The oldest item in my refrigerator is a bottle of chardonnay that has been in there 3 weeks (it might end its’ stay there tonight!).

3. My family heritage is Irish and English.

4. My favourite family tradition is having sausage gravy and biscuits on Christmas morning (a tradition my Dad started when I was a little girl and when he passed away my sister-in-law and I continued the tradition!.

VOILA!    Done for another week.   Thank you ladies for hosting this fun hop though……..we look forward to it every week!

Here are some current photos of my baby brother Teddy………I say baby but he’s one year old now so purrrhaps I should just say “my younger brother” now?

Nap time with his new catnip heart he won from Cat Scouts!

Sound asleep in his new tent cube……the boy likes to stretch out – what can I say?

He’s actually AWAKE! Imagine that!


Now indulge me for a minute while we tell you about one of the most wonderful craft shops on Etsy for pet peeps!    It’s Mollie and Alfie’s shop and their Mom Miss Stella makes EVERYTHING in the shop with love.   Can’t get better than that right?    My Mom has a LOT of things from the shop that Miss Stella has made……………and even though it may take a while to get some of the personalized things like figurines – when you DO get your item(s) you will be SO PLEASED at the quality and the FUN that’s built into each item.   Trust me.

When I went over the Bridge in December two of my Mom’s BESTIES, Miss Sharon of Friends Furever and Miss Stephanie of Goodness Gracie  made SPECIAL arrangements with Miss Stella for her to do figurines/ornaments of ME.   Miss Sharon asked Stella to do a figuring of ME in my Cat Scouts uniform and Miss Stephanie asked for an Angel with wings of me.    These beautiful and thoughtful gifts were from them for my Mom.   Mom was so thrilled to learn of this sweet gesture and even though Miss Stella was up to her eyeballs in Christmas orders and SUPER DUPER busy, she promised to get them done and sent off to Mom.

Yesterday we received the Cat Scouts version which was the one ordered by Miss Sharon………………….IT IS AMAZING……………….Mom got very leaky eyes when she opened the box:


And while we haven’t RECEIVED the other figurine from Miss Steph, this is a photo that Miss Stella sent to us of the finished ANGEL SAMMY figurine that she did for Miss Steph which we bet will be here soon:

Isn’t it ADORABLE???????????   I look just like ME – wings and all!    We wanted you to see these not just because they’re wonderfully made but because we would like you to visit Miss Stella’s shop and see if you can’t find some FUN things that you might like to order……….here are just a FEW of the things she makes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So take a peek at her ETSY store…………………….bet you’ll find a perfect gift for YOU or for someone else who has a pet they love………..or even “just because” !!!!!   THANK YOU STELLA, MISS SHARON AND MISS STEPHANIE for your kindness…………you made my Mom VERY happy!    Just CLICK the SHOP BADGE below and start shopping!!

Happy Friday Peeps!

ALSO – Happy Saint Patty’s Day!

Below is a card we got from Oliver and Calvin O’Hughes (tee hee)

And this is Nellie and ME from her blog post today as leprechauns!




(with thanks to Friends Furever……)