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Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Sunday and time to Hop with Kitties Blue again………………………..the day of the week we join in their Hop and show ourselves off with selfies!    If you click their badge you will go there and you can sign up and do the same – smile pretty for the camera!

I’ve got a DIFFERENT selfie for you today…………….it’s not ME – it’s my Cousin Casey!     Casey lives with my Auntie Carol (my Mom’s sister) and Mom visited with Auntie Carol Wednesday and of course HAD to take a few photos.    Do you get the idea from this photo of Casey that he enjoys having his photo taken?    Poses pretty well doesn’t he?!     Casey is an Imperial Shih-Tzu……smaller than the regular sized Shih-Tzu and has a distinctive “liver” coloring meaning brown nose, lips and eyes instead of the usual black.    My Mom thinks he’s kinda cute – know what?  I do too – and I’m a WHOLE LOT BIGGER THAN HE IS!   TEE HEEEEEEEEE

Smile for Mom’s camera Casey……………..

Casey is a very cool pup – he is a “dog of many colors” as my Mom says.   He has a different color coat almost every time Mom sees him!    I can give you some examples:

Casey at Easter in 2017

Casey in August of 2017

Pretty fun isn’t it?   I think Casey might be magic or something.    Anyway, I decided he could be the SELFIE GUY for us this Sunday.     Mom even made a fancy picture of him with Lunapic AND of course a puzzle for you puzzle peeps!

Mom used the “CONNECTIONS” art filter on Lunapic for this one………I like it – looks somehow a little oriental maybe?

Here’s the puzzle of the above photo – good luck – might be a bit of a toughie………………………still, a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon right?    See you next week for another Selfie – probably of ME ME ME!



Love, Teddy

Before we go……………………..

Summer’s sister Binga at SPARKLECAT went to the Bridge last night.  She had a long and happy life with Miss Janiss and we are very sad to see her go.   If you click the badge above, you can visit SPARKLECAT and leave a note for Summer, Boodie and Miss Janiss.

On a happier note, today is our little buddy Sawyer’s SECOND birthday!   Sawyer’s had  rough time of it with his seizure disorder so if you stop by (click his birthday card) to wish him a happy day I think he’s REALLY appreciate it!

Deserted on Thursday


Good Morning from one Mommy-less boy today.  Yep – she did it – she left me – AGAIN – but only for one day and she’s gonna go see my Auntie Carol and her two pups so I suppose I can forgive her.  Right?  That would be the BIG BOY thing to do…………..sigh.

Aunt Carol, and Cousins Mollye & Toby!

Toby is sitting on Aunt Carol’s shoulder and that’s Mollye the “lap dog” in Carol’s arms…..


Mom is going to be with her brother, my Uncle Mike…….and they’re going up to see Aunt Carol together just for a “brother/sister” day which I actually think is quite cool.  They’ll be back tonight so I’m just SURE Dad and I can behave ourselves unsnoopervised for the day right?

We’ll just play stuff like two guys would do without a Mom around to tell us to “be careful” or “don’t make a mess” or “don’t leave your toys lying around especially on the stairs”……..you know – GUY STUFF!

This is my Mom and her little brother a VERY long time ago....(tee hee)

This is my Mom and her little brother a VERY long time ago….(tee hee)


And as for Mom, Mike and Carol – they couldn’t POSSIBLY get into any trouble today could they?  No…..they’re just going to hang out and talk and catch up with each other.  Sure.  There will be no “other cats” involved – just my cousins Toby and Mollye.   I guess when my Mom and Mike get back home they will smell like DOGGY…….but at least I know that smell……….and who could get upset with two cute Shih Tzu pups like Toby and Mollye – right??

Gotta love Miss Mollye's hairdo....braids???

Gotta love Miss Mollye’s hairdo….braids???

Who could resist this Toby puppy face?????

Who could resist this Toby puppy face?????

OK – I’ve just managed to get through writing this entire blog about all my angst at Mom leaving and her going to see her sister and being with doggies today instead of ME and know what?  It helped to “TALK IT OUT”….yep it sure did.  I’ve decided that I CAN survive without Mom’s lap today – in fact I hope she has a FABULOUS time………..FABULOUS……….





Happy End of the Week – a HOT one for us!  I hope that you all haven’t been frying your toes on the sidewalk like WE have here.  Hopefully the weekend will be bringing us some rain and a lot less heat.  I’m ready for a break and it’s not even our “hot” months – July and August are usually AWFUL in Virginia. Oh joy.

So, earlier this week my Mom took a little trip to West Virginia to visit my Auntie Carol.  She’s the one with two shih tzu doggies – my cousins Toby and Mollye.  What got me thinking about Mollye was our friends Nellie and Kozmo at Cat From Hell having posted about their dog sister “Bob” having eye surgery today.  Bob has glaucoma and must have her eye removed.  My cousin Mollye had that surgery several months ago, and my Mom said she’s happy as ever.  She’d been blind in that eye for a while and of course just as Nellie said when she told us all about Bob, it’s hard to say how much pain they may have from the glaucoma and after the surgery I’m SURE they feel ever so much better.   Mollye has to have eyedrops in her other eye to control the glaucoma and keep it hopefully under control.  So far so good says her doctor!  Anyway, it’s probably a more common thing than we realize – important to tell the vet when you think something is bothering your pet or if there’s a history or possibility of glaucoma.  

Mollye was rescued from a puppy mill a few years ago.  She was a “breeder” dog who had litter after litter after litter of puppies which were taken away from her and sold…imagine how hard it was for her to give up her babies over and over!  She’d never had any kind of vet care but my Aunt Carol has seen to it that Mollye has the BEST of everything.   When she came to live with Aunt Carol she had to learn so much – about doggie toys, treats, regular meals, going for a walk instead of living in a tiny cage……Mollye’s a very special girl!  I love BOTH of my cousins. 

Here’s a couple of photos!

This was my Mom holding Mollye this Tuesday when she visited Auntie Carol!

This is both of my cousins with Auntie Carol:

Aunt Carol, and Cousins Mollye & Toby!

Toby is sitting on Aunt Carol’s shoulder and that’s Mollye the “lap dog” in Carol’s arms…..

Again, I just wanted to let my good friends Nellie, Kozmo and their humans know that we hope surgery goes great for Bob today and that she will feel so much better – and very soon.  We are saying prayers for her……the prayers we said for little Mollye when she had her surgery sure worked – she’s a very happy, very healthy, very adorable little girl these days!

To all my friends – not many of us LOVE to go to the vet (right gang?) but it’s important that we get checked out regularly so our humans can keep us in tip top shape – we love them and they love us and we want to be together as long as possible so be BRAVE when it’s “vet time” !

Kitty hugs to all my friends………

Sammy 😀 😀


The Heat Is On!


OK….it’s just plain WEIRD – the weather that is.  People from all across the country and in fact OTHER countries are remarking on how different their weather is and has been……I’m one of them!!!  Today the weather guy said our high will be (get this…brace yourselves) EIGHTY-SIX !!!  Yes that’s what I said….! 

I thought I’d share a photo that I’ve had on my blog before of my cousin Toby.  Toby’s a shih tsu who lives with his sister Mollye up on top of a mountain in West Virginia with my Aunt Carol.  Toby knows how to cool off on a HOT day.

Cousin Toby cooling down in his pond

Toby Keepin' Cool !!

Toby just popped himself into the little pond Aunt Carol had in her backyard and lay on his belly and got cooled down. Looks pretty comfy to me…….and I have a feeling that before the day is out lotsa folks around here will wish they had a pond to cool off in – ‘cept for the fishies of course because they’re already IN a pond and already nice and cool!  It’s Friday………..or because it’s gonna be pretty hot maybe I should say it’s FRYday????  (tee hee) Sammy