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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!

Time to be thankful again……………..If you click on Brian’s badge above, you will be transported there and you can add YOUR blog link to all of ours to SHARE your Thankfuls!!    I have some thankfuls today to share………..the BIGGEST ONE is that tomorrow my Mom and Dad will be back home again.   I wonder if they will bring me a souvenir?   Maybe my own personal lobster?

I’m also thankful that I have been so well cared for while they have been gone…………I’m at a very special place with very special people looking after me.   I miss Mom and Dad more than I can say but I’d be willing to bet that THEY have also missed ME a lot!    We are – after all – family and it’s the first time since I was adopted that I’ve been separated from them.

Angel Sammy has visited me a lot though…………and that has kept me WARM and HAPPY.

Speaking of Angel Sammy, he says he got a remote connection to our computer last night and downloaded his poetic contribution for today’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post.   I knew he wouldn’t let us down!   Today we do the letter “S”…………….


Hello Friends!  Greetings from the Bridge!

First of all, I want you to know that Teddy has not been alone………..no sir.   What kind of brother would I be if I hadn’t been whispering in his ear while Mom and Dad are gone?   No worries there – we are and always will be brothers even though we never met “in the fur”!     I told him I’d transmit my usual poem last night and here it is!     We are doing “S” today as you know and I gave you four prompt words to jumpstart your creativity so you would write a poem and join in the fun.   BUT you don’t have to use the prompt words I give you – they are just examples and ideas!    The prompts I gave you were:

(1) Sunny (2) Shrimp (3) Shoe (4) Snuggle

Here’s MY “S” !

“Sam I Am”

By Sammy Kimmell, October 19, 2017

From my cloud far away where Angels fly

Hardly a single moment passes me by

When I don’t have thoughts of the home that I had

With two people who loved me – my Mom and my Dad.

My parents knew that they wanted a boy kitty that day

Into the shelter to rescue me and take me away!

Dad said to Mom, “his name should be Sam”…..

It fit me so perfectly…………so Sam I Am !

The years passed us by and they were so full of love

At sixteen years old, I heard voices from above……

They said “enjoy these months dear boy as your calling is near”

While they whispered the words – the meaning was clear.

I was ill, I was tired, I was sad as could be

I knew the Angels were coming to set my tired soul free.

Now I fly through the sky and I sleep on a cloud

There are so many Angels – we are a very large crowd!

When my parents were ready, when their grief was not raw

I sent a ginger kitty to the shelter and HE was who they saw!

On the way home from the shelter my Dad named him “Teddy”

And I’ll protect him ALWAYS……..until the Angels are ready………..

That was a fun poem to write…………..my little brother is special to me!   I am trying to teach him and show him how wonderful it can be to know true and lasting love from humans.   He has told me that he felt that love from the second he saw Mom and Dad at the shelter………………..so I did my “JOB” well I think!!

Next week we will write poems about ANYTHING starting with the letter “T”…………….I suppose you all know that one of the things I MIGHT write about would be my brother……..we’ll see about that!    Here are some possible prompts for you – you can write a poem about ANYTHING starting with “T” but if you need a little help, here are some ideas!

(1) Tiger (2) Tummy (3) Tired (4) Travel

I hope you have written a poem today – if you did, please leave us your blog address in the comments here so we can come visit you and read your poem!    Don’t be shy – step right up and let it all hang out (!)…………..poetry is a great way to express yourself.  You don’t have to be a fabulous writer to write one – just let your feelings come out….maybe you’ll surprise yourself!   Remember poetry doesn’t even have to rhyme – it just expresses your thoughts about something.   

Until next week everyone!    

I send you hugs and love, Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy!    I feel so warm inside knowing you are looking out for me………………..and I owe you BIG TIME for sending Mom and Dad to the shelter that day in February to find me and bring me to my new home…………………

See you Poets next week!  

Love, Teddy

What’s In A Name??


Happy Sunday Friends – Furry, Hairy, Feathery, or otherwise!

Today’s blog is all about names.  Yep.  Do you actually know how your humans chose your name?  Have they ever told you?  Or did you come into their lives with a name already and they didn’t change it?

In my case, my Dad chose a name for me even before they ever laid eyes on me at the shelter where I was “incarcerated” !  My parents sweet cat Eddie had gone to the Rainbow Bridge almost a year before and they were ready to be parents again.   The day Mom and Dad were heading to the shelter to see if they had any kittens she asked Dad what name he would choose for it and Dad said “Sammy”.   They also had thought that if there were 2 or 3 kittens from a litter all there together they would get ALL of them so Dad would have to come up with MORE names.  But at the shelter they found out  that I was the only kitten there – all alone in a teeny cage and making the best of things.  I don’t even remember if I even had siblings – I suppose I must have – but where they were or what happened to them I don’t know.  I was only 6 weeks old and had been “trapped” (that doesn’t sound very pleasant) under an abandoned old house and brought to the shelter. 

ANYWAY, my name was Sam from that day forward.   Good thing I looked like a Sam huh?


Awww...My Baby Picture!
Yep – I look like a “Sam” alright!!!

My Mom always had cats after she moved away from home and got her OWN home.  Their names were almost all “people” names.  She had cats named Mike, Ricky, Linda Sue, Toby, Charlie, Moose (hmmm..not very “people-ish” huh?) Eddie, and the bestest, cutest, handsomest, kitty of all ME

So that’s the scoop on my name – it was decided upon before anyone ever saw me.  How about you?  How did your humans decide on what to name you??????

Happy Sunday no matter WHAT your name is….. 😀 😀

Kitty Hugs, Sammy