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Friday Fill-Ins


Let’s Fill In Some Sentences OK?

Friday is here and that means that we will be pawticipating in our fun Friday activity of joining this blog hop co-hosted by Ellen of 15andMeowing and Annie of McGuffys’ Reader where we fill in blanks in sentences that they give us!    What’s fun about that?  Well we sure learn a lot of interesting stuff about each other – that’s what’s fun!     If you’d like to join in, click the graphic above and join by filling in the LINKY TOOL.   Simple as that – then fill in the sentences and visit everyone else who did.

Here are our four sentences for this Friday.    I’m going to try to fill them in myself (in green) but if I get stumped I’ll let Mom take over (in red)!

1. My guiding word for 2018 is FUN (I’m just a kid and all I want to do is have fun – especially playing with my Mom – the red dot, throw the ball, chase me around the house, it’s good exercise too!).


2. A house is not a home without LOVE and I get plenty of that around here!.

3. I look forward to turning TWO this year.  Then I’ll be all grown up right?   
4.  I really need to lose weight, because my Mom has a bad back and carrying me around or putting me on the bathroom counter for a drink is tough for her and my 19-ish pound body!!!!)
So there you have it – I’ve done ALL The filling in ALL by myself this week!  WHEEEEE!!!!!!!     How about you?  Have you done yours yet?   Thanks Miss Annie and Miss Ellen for doing this every week.

Who’s “BIG” – not me – I’m just a little kid – heck I’m not even TWO yet!

Love and Happy Friday!    Teddy

Friendly Friday Fill-Ins



(Never fear – I know it’s not Halloween – I was just PRACTICING!!!!!!)

Happy Friday………..today we fill-in sentences in the fun Blog Hop that is co-hosted by Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15andMeowing!    If you’d like to join this HOP, and do some filling in of your own, just click below and be magically transported to McGuffy’s where you can copy the sentences and fill in your OWN blanks!!!!!

I thought I’d let my old Mom give filling in another whirl this week………………..even though she and Dad deserted me overnight to celebrate my Dad’s birthday, they DID come back home today so I have decided to FORGIVE her and Dad.   Aren’t I nice?  Her reward for coming back to me is doing the fill-ins and she did them today in BRIGHT RED!

1. October is the perfect time to clean out my clothes closet – change of season means sweaters and heavier clothes so clearing out stuff I don’t wear before I put it on the shelves/hang it up MAKES SENSE!!
2. Halloween is still just about as much fun to me as it was when I was a little girl.   I love seeing kids in costumes and having fun like I used to do.

3. Every October, I shop for chrysanthemums – for the yard AND for my front porch – it’s my own personal “tradition”.

4. My experience with the supernatural world is very interesting but not something I talk about with “just anyone” !


Thanks a bunch Mom.    I appreciate you being the STAR this week – maybe next week I’ll FILL-IN as best I can!    In the meantime, I’m going to do my best to stay out of your way today while you and Dad clean the house…………I’ll probably nap a whole lot – while you were gone I was ALLLLLLLLLLL alone and “on guard” for the whole night – I’m SLEEPY!!!!



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