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Teaser Tell All


Hi Everybody – welcome to my Teaser Tell All !  Today you’ll find out in video form where yesterday’s Teaser photos were taken.  A beautiful spot wouldn’t you say?



And I know a lot of you thought that was our Weimaraner buddy “Easy” there in the photo so you thought FRANCE……since that’s where Easy lives with his staff but guess what – it ISN’T France – wanna know where it is and who our Guest Teaser was?  Just watch this!

Michelle from My Three Moggies was on a short vacation in Seville, Spain with her husband and they had dinner with Leo from Doggy’s Style and they were the stars of the Video Tell All !!!  SURPRISE!!!!

We had ONE “First Right Guesser” – only one person said the town AND the country in their answer and that was the lovely:



This is yours Mollie…………..woo woo woo

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award....

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award….


Yep – Miss Mollie guessed that the photos were from Seville, Spain.  We had only one Big Sammy Hug winner too because only one person guessed “SPAIN” and who was that you might ask??????



This is yours Savvy……….woo woo woo



A very special thank you to Michelle for doing our Guest Teaser this week – what fun it was and getting to see Leo was super fun too………Leo’s lucky enough to live in the beautiful city of Seville in Spain where the photos were taken and I just have to wonder if our buddy Doggy has cruised that area in his walks with Leo???   By the way, in case you’re wondering specifically where in Seville the photos were taken, Michelle said it was an area called Alcazar.  Isn’t that fountain amazing???   Easy if we find out that weimaraner in the photo is a girl, we’ll get her phone number for you!!!!!!

Have a super special Wednesday all………..my Mom’s gone all day today to visit my Auntie Carol who is having her birthday today.

My Sister Carol The Author!

Mom’s Sister Carol The Author!

Also having a birthday today is Texas’ little sister Kitshka so make sure and stop over to wish her a happy BIG NUMBER ONE birthday today!



Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Pee Ess………special Sammy Hugs for my friends Benny and Leo……”JUST BECAUSE”