Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Sunday!   Time for us to join the Selfie Hop hosted by our buddies and pals at The Cat On My Head.   You can do the same if you like – just click on their badge and fill in the linky form.   We all join in the selfie parade just to show each other how we RELAX on our weekend.

I like to dip back in my old photos some Sundays to find a photo of ME from the same day or week in the past – kind of fun to see how much I’ve grown (tee hee)……..and what I was doing back then.   Let’s see what I can find to show you this week!


So I did find this little gem…………….this was taken of me almost inside the very old and torn up “tent” that Angel Sammy left for me.    This is June 23, 2017 which means it was just four months after Mom and Dad adopted me.    Angel Sammy left a lot of toys and things for me and I loved the old red tent more than the brand new blue one Mom and Dad got for me.

Mom made an artsy version of this photo way back when she first showed it on my blog……………so we’re just “recycling” it below!

If you would like to do the puzzle – just click the MINI-ME below and you’ll be able to try and put this one together!!


Happy Sunday Peeps and Friends………….love, Teddy