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Sunday Selfies Hop


Happy Sunday!    It’s time to join up with the others who do the Selfie Hop on Sundays at The Cat On My Head.   Wanna join?   Click the badge above and link up with us.    The more the merrier……….

I was taking a major snooze in the guest room this afternoon when I  heard the unmistakable sound of the zoom lens on Mom’s camera doing its’ thing – I pretended I didn’t hear it – kept my eyes shut – I knew it wouldn’t take long for her to take my picture then I could return to LA LA LAND…………..She went all “MOM” on me when she saw how cute I looked.    I guess that’s what Moms do right?

Of course she also did a jigsaw puzzle for those of you who enjoy doing them !    I’m hoping for some uninterrupted napping time today though…………….she got her Sunday Selfie for the week so the chances are good I’ll get some major naps in.

Just Click on the little picture of yours truly and enjoy puzzling!!!!

Happy Sunday and thanks to Kitties Blue for hosting the HOP……… 

Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday everyone.   Time for selfies in this fun hop hosted by Kitties Blue!    Today is a SPECIAL SUNDAY HOP because it’s Kitties Blue’s SEVENTH  BLOGAVERSARY!    Make sure and stop by to wish them a happy celebration…….AND they’re having a commentathon so make sure and check it out.     If you’d like to join in and show yourself off with us, just click the badge above, fill out the linky form and you’ll be strutting your stuff like the rest of us are!

My selfie today shows me inspecting a project my Mom is doing which is taking longer than it should…….she’s hemming a beautiful quilt my Auntie Carol made for her – but because she’s doing about 15 other things around here at the same time AND her arthritis in her right hand hurts when she does some things more than others, she’s taking a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to finish.   I just thought I’d take a peek and see how she’s doing………at this rate, she won’t have this project done for another week or so!

Hmm…..this is the back of the quilt – too bad you didn’t have it folded the other way round so everyone could see the front!    Well, when you’ve finished I’ll pose on it for you Mom!

Because this was a rather boring selfie, Mom decided to Lunapic it up a bit……………….here it is:

Then she of course made a puzzle for all of you who enjoy doing puzzles to go crazy on a Sunday!!

CLICK the MINI-ME for the puzzle – good luck!

Everybody stay cool……………………….it was 100 here yesterday and should be just about that again today.    Needless to say I have NOT asked to go outside for a walk – I’m not nuts!!   I’m a COOL cat!

Cool Man……..


Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s time to HOP!!    Sunday is selfie day and our friends at The Cat On My Head host this fun event every week.    If you’d like to show off your selfie, just click their badge above and join in the fun!

I’ve been showing my FLASHBACK SELFIES for a while now.    It’s fun to look back and see ME a year ago or even two years ago – I’m still the same ginger boy of course but maybe a little bigger than I used to be.    Let’s dip into the photo album and see what we’ve got shall we????

Mom!  How embarrassing!

This little gem is ME on April 14, 2017 – which was two months after I came to live with Mom and Dad.   I had discovered that my Mom spent a LOT of time at her computer so I hopped up on her desk (which is actually a drawing table) and tucked myself in behind the computer screen and SNOOZED.    The really funny thing is that I haven’t popped up into this spot for two years at least – I just grew too big to fit behind Mom’s computer!     What an embarrassing selfie Mom.   Maybe if you “ARTIFY” me it won’t be so bad Mom!    Here’s the LUNAPIC (“Beauty” filter) of this photo.    AND of course Mom made a jigsaw for those of you who like doing them.



Now for a public service announcement………………….today is the LAST DAY you can submit your photo for the EASTER BONNET CONTEST.     My Monday’s blog post (Pre-Teaser Monday) will have the voting poll for the contest and we’ll repeat the voting on Tuesday – THEN on Wednesday we will announce the winner of the surprise prize for the BEST Easter Bonnet.

As of 3:30PM Saturday we have entries from:    Timmy Tomcat, Katie Isabella, Prancie Pilch, Phenny & Nelly

If you would like to be in the contest, get your photos to us TODAY by 6PM est !!  Just Email to us!!

Many years ago Angel Sammy had a “Peep” Easter hat!!  

Love, Teddy



Sunday Selfie Hop


Who knows what today is????   I guess YOU do since you’re here and you know we HOP on Sunday along with lots of other friends!    If you’d like to join in the fun- click the badge above and fill in the linky form……you can also go there to see who else is hopping and visit them!   Thanks to our friends the Kitties Blue for hosting this hop every Sunday.

We have a silly flashback selfie today – back when I was a wee boy learning all about my new home, I’d frequently be found hanging out in Mom’s office and keeping her company while she tapped on her keyboard.    I was totally fascinated with her printer – I’d just sit in front of it WAITING for the noise to start up knowing it was going to spit out some paper and I wanted to be RIGHT THERE for the action.    Well, that was two years ago and to this day, I can be anywhere at all in this house and if I hear that printer start up – I come a-runnin’ !!!!!

This is me in June, 2017 which was four months after I “moved in” ………….

I love watching stuff come out of this machine!!

And here I am yesterday waiting on that machine yet AGAIN! …………

Well I do believe I’m a bit bigger (alright – a LOT bigger!)  than I was back then but I’m absolutely JUST as interested in that machine as I was as a youngster.    Not that I’m an “OLDSTER” – after all – I’m turning THREE years old tomorrow and that’s not old right?

It might not be the most exciting jigsaw puzzle to put together – in fact it’s kinda boring – BUT she did one anyway.    If you click on the MINI ME photo below you’ll be able to give puzzling a whirl!

Click here for the puzzle!!

Stop by tomorrow……it’s Pre-Teaser Monday but it’s also a little birthday party.  

Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie


YAY!   It’s that day of the week reserved for everyone to strut their stuff – share a selfie – smile pretty for the camera (or in my case, snore for the camera).    This is a fun Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head and if you’d like to join us – click on their badge above and complete the LINKY form and that’s all there is to it.

This week I have a photo that Mom couldn’t resist (as usual) playing around with…………..She added a Lunapic effect called Geometric, but before I show you THAT, here’s the original!    I am sound asleep on the guest room bed…………..

And here’s the totally cool (and colorful) “AFTER” with Lunapic:

Amazing what that filter did to the WHITE comforter!    LOL      Kinda rumpled me up a bit too but I do get rumply when I sleep anyway.

Happy Selfie Sunday!   

Hugs, Teddy


P.S.S.   How about a jigsaw for fun??