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Sunday Selfies


Sunday!    Time to share our selfies.    Our hosts at The Cat On My Head want us to strut our stuff and celebrate Sunday together.  If you’d like to join in, click on their badge and fill in the linky form and you too will be a star selfie.

I’m doing another flashback today – Mom took a few photos of me this week but it seems the only time she has even HALF a chance of capturing me on film it’s when I’m asleep – and let’s face it – just how interesting can endless photos of a BIG GINGER CAT SLEEPING be?    As I look back in our photo files I’m looking for a photo of me taken about this same day of the month….and with my luck it will be yet another photo of me sleeping…………let’s see:

This is as close to today’s date as I could get and it’s an artified selfie Mom did of me on May 21, 2017 – that means I was 14 months old and had lived with them for two months then.   Gosh – was I really THAT LITTLE?     EVER?     Since it’s already artsy, we don’t have to do that – in fact I don’t know what Lunapic effect Mom used on this but I quite like the textures.

I did a puzzle of it for you as it seems back then Mom wasn’t yet doing jigsaws:

Click this MINI-ME picture to go directly to the JIGSAW and good luck!

Mom says we should take a minute to say we hope you are all in good health and being safe……stay that way OK???   Just remember this though:

Love, Teddy (and Mom too)


Sunday Selfies


WOO HOO it’s Sunday and time for us to post a photo of US (a selfie!) and join the Hop that the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head host.    Tons of fun and who doesn’t like strutting their stuff?

I decided to post a flashback selfie since Mom hasn’t taken any new photos of me lately.   So I look back in my files and find something from about this same date from one of my past three years here and GO FOR IT.

Here’s a photo my Mom took of me in my favorite nap chair in the guest room – February 10, 2018 so two years ago.   She also did an “artsy” version of this one so I’ll repost that.   Back then, Mom hadn’t started making puzzles of me but she did one TODAY for the artsy version of my photo andthe link for that is below!!


Napping in the Granny chair!


Make sure and visit all the other selfies posted at The Cat On My Head HERE


Hugs, Teddy the GINGER Tiger!

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!   Time to Hop!    The Kitties Blue host this Hop every Sunday and we ALL would love it if you would participate with us – just click their badge and add your info in the LINKY form and you’ll be showing off like us in no time.

Before I do my FLASHBACK Selfie for this Sunday, I invite you to leave a comment when you go to The Cat On My Head’s site to join the Hop – let them know you will be sending POTP and prayers to their littlest “Kitty Blue”, little Sawyer.   He had a HUGE bad seizure this past week and is continuing to recover.   He has a very bad seizure disorder for which he takes meds but they don’t totally stop seizures.    It had been four weeks since the last bad one in fact.   He’s home and recovering but just pop by and make him smile would you???

Meanwhile, I’m continuing to show flashback selfies from me LAST year at this time.    I really look the same – HUGE.    But it’s still fun to go back exactly (or almost exactly) a year and see ME.

Holy Cow…….this was me on January 20, 2018.    Still napping on Christmas tissue paper and still showing off my belly.   Mom turned it into some kind of artsy selfie back then and here’s the result of that little experiment!

I kinda like this effect whatever it was – I liked it so much I made a puzzle out of it for you puzzlers!    Just click the “MINI ME” below and you can “have your way with me” in puzzle form!!!!!

Before I go, here are the photos from the last snow we had a few days ago…….we may have more before today is out!

The first three are of the front yard and the last one is my back yard………………Yeah – not a whole lot of snow I admit but enough to keep me INSIDE that’s for sure!

Happy Sunday from Snowy Virginia!   Love Teddy

Sunday Selfie and Puzzle!


Time for the Selfie Hop!

Sunday is Selfie Day and who is the host?   Well it’s our old friends The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head!     If you click the badge above you will magically be transported to their blog where you too can join in the Selfie fun by posting your link to a photo of YOU, YOU, YOU!

This week I’m repeating a previously shown Selfie………why would I do that you might ask?    Because I have a special treat for any of you who are jigsaw puzzle lovers – I have turned the below Selfie into a puzzle.    If you click the “CLICK HERE” link under the photo you will have a chance to piece together a 140 piece puzzle of this very photo.    You use your mouse to click on to pick up a piece then place it in the center space to “build” the photo.    My Dad just tried it and – well – it took him 55 minutes to do it.    WHOOPS.    Anyway, don’t feel obligated to do it but I know there are some jigsaw fans out there who MIGHT have fun with it so go for it.    There’s a “clock” that will show your time.    If you choose to do the puzzle, let us know in comments how long it took you.    It’s NOT an easy puzzle.   Trust me.    We do puzzles at Cat Scouts and I am using that same software which is on Jigsawplanet.com.    Very cool!


CLICK HERE  (for the puzzle)

NOTE:    You need to click on “START A NEW GAME” at the screen…I did the puzzle twice with different numbers of puzzle pieces…… but YOU should click on START A NEW ONE!

Sunday Hugs, Teddy