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Pre-Teaser Monday Time!


Greetings Students!

It’s Monday again……..seems like we just had one of those but I guess it’s been a whole week.   Are you ready for a refresher course before the BIG TEASE tomorrow?   I hope so.    I know you know the rules and stuff BUT we need to make sure anyone who’s new (or was asleep through all of that in previous classes) knows what we expect on Teaser Tuesday so bear with us.

I’ll take a tiny snooze while you do that part……

The rules for tomorrow’s Teaser guessing are:

AND the badges that you are eligible to win if you’re FAST, RIGHT, or even if you’re WRONG are:

One MOST important thing to remember is that when you arrive at class tomorrow (at an unspecified top secret time when we go LIVE) you must:


If you are FIRST or one of the first in the sixty seconds after our post comes out tomorrow you will get a FIRST COMMENTER BADGE!     OK?    So while I can’t tell you when we’ll be starting class tomorrow, you want to be ALERT for the arrival of our notice in your inbox.

I was thinking of pitching a tent out front of school and sleeping here so I can be here when the doors open tomorrow!

It’s a bit too cold for camping out but we Professors appreciate your dedication!

I hope you appreciate us!

Now that you know what to expect tomorrow, let’s bring in the Cheer Team to HYPE YOU UP for class.    They are very good at that!

Ramma Lamma Ding Dong School
Lotsa smart students and very few fools!
Make sure and be here all rested and happy
Cuz you might win a badge and you’ll feel quite snappy!
We hear Miss D is away for a while
Her surgery didn’t last and now she can’t smile
Who knows what she’ll look like when she gets back
The Swedish Chef is here to give us our snacks
See you tomorrow, and don’t be late….
We’ll be waiting for you to arrive at Ding Dong School’s gate!!

Thanks gang……………..you saved me the trouble of telling everyone not to expect the “new improved Miss Dingleberry” in the cafeteria today.    As some of you may have noticed, her plastic surgery job was quickly sagging and bagging in very unattractive locations SO she’s having some modifications made.    Never a dull moment at Ding Dong Sheep School right?

I HATE changes!

Too bad because one thing I can guarantee you around here is that we are in a rather constant state of flux and changes WILL come and go so just take a chill pill and relax.

STRAIGHTEN UP STUDENTS! No sassing back at the Professors!

So who’s up for lunch?    Hopefully all of you.   Of course if you want to stay behind and study in STUDY HALL, you are welcome to do that but you might want to take a break and have a GOOD LUNCH before you head home.

Welcome Students!   No worries – we will have great food while Miss D is away……line up and get your trays and go through the line – ENJOY!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ahhh…..delish!    Thanks Chef – we’ll see you tomorrow.   We’ll also see all you students tomorrow at a surprise time – when you arrive make sure and COMMENT.   Good luck!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Pre-Tease Monday


One Ringy Dingy

Yep – just a “one-ring-Monday” as a reminder that there is no official school today BUT of course Assistant Professor Teddy and I are here cleaning up the classroom and getting ready for the Teaser tomorrow ANYWAY.    No rest for the wicked (well…..not wicked maybe).

As you know by now, tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday and we will be testing you geography students on how well you recognize the details in the photo we will show you – hopefully enough that you can guess WHERE the photo was taken.   That’s the deal with the Teaser.    Sometimes it’s EASY to figure out and sometimes you have a SUPER TOUGH TIME figuring it out.

Tomorrow we have our usual GUEST TEASER photo………………..it could go either way!   Tough or easy and you’ll have to deal with it……………………….the other thing is that you will have no idea WHEN the blog post/test will get to you because we post it at a SURPRISE time every Tuesday just to keep you on your toes, paws, or claws!

I hope you’re all studying like crazy though…………

Tomorrow it will be important for you to COMMENT quickly when the blog post arrives because if you are the FIRST COMMENTER, you’re gonna win something!  Lucky you!

THIS! Yep – this little gem.

Then of course we have awards for you if you are FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, ANY RIGHT GUESSER and even if you are DUNCE MATERIAL and are WRONG!

Suzie wanted to try and fire you up but of course she’s off today  just like everyone else, so we have a substitute to cheer for you…………………

Bark, Bark, Bark
Arrrroooooo Bark
Arf Arf Bark

Uhoh, I guess we should have had a TRY OUT for a substitute.   I mean this dog’s got a lot of enthusiasm but can you understand him?   I’m having a little trouble with it!    Well you get the idea.  Suzie will be back tomorrow to cheer you all on for the Teaser.


Oh hi Sarge!  I didn’t know you were here today.   I guess you were probably outside on the monkey bars getting some exercise huh?    Well we’ll see you here tomorrow right?   Right!

Here’s a peek at the other badges you can win if you’re HOT tomorrow and able to make a guess!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Teddy and I will see you back here tomorrow for class……………..meanwhile we’re hitting up McDonalds’ for some fast food on the way home!    We developed a BIG TASTE for grease after Miss Dingleberry served all that stuff last week!    MMMMM GOOD!

See You In The Morning!  

Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Prof Ted