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Pre-Tease Monday


YES – can you believe it’s that time again already?   I think the holiday rush has made us all move along on warp speed and time is just plain getting away from us.  I know this – Mom feels like we just had a TEASER Tuesday and here it’s time for another one???   EEEEK!   Well, WHATEVA – we’re doing it so be purrrpared for it to hit your inbox tomorrow at an undisclosed (that means secret you know!) time!

Updating yesterday’s activities………..Mom took a few inside the house pix……..some of her decorating projects……….but she hasn’t taken shots of the OUTSIDE or the tree at night so I’ll wait until she gets those done before I share…….I know you simply can’t WAIT to see the photos right?   RIGHT?????????????????????

I’ve pretty much decided that with all the other blogs having parties for Christmas, I might just give my Mom the day off and while we WILL have a blog, it won’t be a PAR-TAY blog.   Bah humbug?  Oh no…………of course not……..but maybe I’ll just give you a Christmas morning breakfast and let you enjoy your day with your family – like WE will be doing.   How’s that?!

I have a FUN thing going on with Cat Scouts on the 20th – some of you know that I have a “Travel Group” at Scouts…….we take trips to fun places and last year we had a special invitation to visit Santa Paws at the North Pole – we spent the day feeding/grooming the reindeer, helping the elves make toys, wrapping presents – it was a FUN day.   SO – I’m taking everyone again this year.   Here are some pix from LAST year’s visit so you get the idea!   It was tons of fun.


So YES I’m excited for the holidays……………both at Scouts and at home………………………….and I’ve been VERY GOOD this year so I’m expecting Santa to be “APPROPRIATE” in the gift department!

Hugs, Sammy


Christmas Card Update


I’m starting to get so excited about Santa Paws coming…………..Mom promised to make some cookies for him and I’ll leave him some eggnog so when he arrives Christmas Eve at my house, he’ll feel welcome!   We’re even going to make sure the fire in the fireplace is LONG GONE OUT before we go to bed – I wouldn’t want to scorch Santa’s pants.

Excited?  Oh yeah!

Excited? Oh yeah!

Thought I’d show you my Christmas card collection so far…………….Mom and Dad are QUITE envious as I have about five times the number they have (tee hee).   What can I say?  I’ve got a lot of friends!!!!!     These are just the ecards – I have a bunch of snail mail cards too…….THANKS EVERYBODY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In fact, now that I think about it – it’s a “Thankful Thursday”……….and I really AM thankful for all my friends…………….HOLIDAY  HUGS ALL AROUND!

Love, Sammy Claws


P.S.   One of my Scouting friends has just started her blog!  Won’t you stop by and welcome her to the blogosphere????  Foxy is her name and her blog is HERE!

P.S.S.   As is the way of the world, as one new friend arrives in the blogosphere, another one says farewell.   My friend Kyla the Scottie crossed the Bridge yesterday.  Her “Highland Games” were so much fun and many of you pawticipated in the Caber Toss that I hosted…..Kyla loved every minute of the Games.  She was a new friend but I will miss her like an old friend.  You can visit her blog HERE.

Chillin’ With Bacon


Wait a minute…..what do chillin’ and bacon have to do with each other?  Well how about the fact that I like both of them.  We’re taking it easy around here recovering from Thanksgiving (chillin’) and having my favorite substance in the universe on the menu this morning (bacon).  I’ll just say that to me is a DYNAMIC DUO!


Say – if you like my Bacon Sign – did you know Mollie’s Mom will make a sign for you in her fabulous shop?  She sure will and she’ll put ANYTHING on it that you want her to (YES I SAID ANYTHING).  Talk about a unique gift!!  WOO HOO!

Today we’re having the monster-rama around here….inside and out I think….leaves and housecleaning…..a DOUBLE WHAMMY.   I’m gonna suck it up though and be brave because in return for the racket, I have my Mom and Dad home.  So there.  I’ll be JUST FINE.

I have tons of work to do on Cat Scouts – I’m super behind…….as a Troop Leader I have lotsa responsibility and there’s work to be done so maybe after all the monsterizing is done Mom will lend me a paw (oops – hand) and help me get caught up.  I know a lot of you have joined Cat Scouts…..we have a lot of fun…..if you have spare time and want to come join us, please do.  If you join up and want to join a great Troop – please join mine!  Just type in “Worldwide Wildcats” when you’re doing your profile and joining up.  We’ll happily show you the ropes!!



Thanks to all of you who sent me some ideas for my Santa Paws Christmas Wish List!  It was very helpful……………If you haven’t started your list, you should……Santa Paws keeps lists of GOOD and BAD cats and if you’re on the GOOD list (of course all of us are……tee hee) we’ll get swell stuff………….those of us who are BAD (and of course there aren’t any of those right?) get coal in our stockings.  Coal is dirty and icky and you do NOT want any of that trust me.  So, if you’re been bad, it’s time to shape up (although a it late) – but if you’ve been good – clear out some room in your toy box!   I might have to get a second wagon for my new stuff!

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!


Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’d better head for the kitchen……..I just KNOW you know why.  I smell my fave thing for breakfast………….it’s time for me to indulge myself.  May your Caturday be full of indulgences too!