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Wet Friday


Gosh we certainly had a WET Thursday and it looks like a WET Friday – just what we needed really since we were SOOO hoping that we’d have a pretty Fall before all the leaves just curl up and die on the trees!  Woo Hoo!   Plus since it was rainy all day yesterday I had LOTS of warm lap time with Mom (which you know I love)…………

Sam Closeup Lap

Gosh Mom – won’t you miss this next week when you’re gone????

Today I’m hoping to get my Mom motivated enough to help me with some more Cat Scouts badges but who knows – SHE seems to think she needs to clean the house and start thinking about piling clothes up in the guest room where the SUITCASES OF DOOM are sitting.  She’s got her priorities all messed up.  She should be thinking about me – not suitcases.

But back to the rain for a minute……….you know how I complain a LOT about the weather right?   Well yesterday afternoon the sump pump in the basement was chugging along – the rain was coming down in buckets – and about 3PM in the afternoon I decided I’d better be prepared for the worst…………………


Needless to say the worst never happened but let’s hope today doesn’t send me hunting again  for the snorkel.  I’d love it if we had a gentle soaking rain……not the GREAT FLOOD OF OCTOBER 2013 !!   My girlcatfriend Sundae lives on the water and the high tide has been worrying me a bit these last few days because they had as much or more rain than we did.   I called her on my CATCELLPHONE yesterday to tell her if she needs me to sail down and save her I will.


Yep – that’s me – the purrrrfect Cat Scout…………..”BE PURRRRPARED”…………!!!

Happy Friday Peeps!   Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀