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Farewell Jamison


A New Angel


Jamison – a tragic loss in Blogville


Today is a day just for Angel Jamison………….

We’ve been following Jamison’s family blog for a while but didn’t really know HIM as well as we did his brother Noodle but just as we were getting to know him, he had a horribly sad thing happen at his house.   He was attacked by a dog and had a great deal of extremely serious and scary injuries.    It was terrifying to read about, and I know his family was incredibly sad that it happened.   He had the very best of vet care with a lot of repair work and surgery and had made it home where he was cared for with the loving hands and hearts of his family.    They did everything they could to make him comfortable and help him try to recover.   He only knew pure love in his last days…………

But the injuries were just too bad for Jamison to come back from……………he fought so hard to stay but in the end, he had to travel to the Rainbow Bridge – where I am – and became an Angel.


I can assure his family that Jamison is adjusting to Angel life just fine.   We are all making sure he feels welcome and showing him how he can still visit his family “back home”………most of all I remind him that he is ALWAYS and FOREVER in their hearts.


Rest easy Angel Jamison………..

Angel Sammy

Sunday Selfie


A quiet Selfie today………………..reflecting on all those who are sick or have recently become Angels over the Bridge……………………….Sending hugs of love to EVERYBODY!


Joining The Cat On My Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop



Love, Sammy

Bacon Makes Me Smile


Well friends, I’ve been depressed lately……………….why you might ask?   Sadly, it’s mostly because all the fun I’ve had with my fellow Cat Scouts has ground to a painful STOP because of major site problems.  All the language I’ve heard about what’s wrong and what needs to be done and who will be doing it and why goes right over the top of my ginger head – I am NOT NOT NOT a “techie” so whatever the problems are (and there are a lot of them), I don’t know what it takes to fix them.  All I know is that it’s been over a week now and I’m not the only Cat Scout who is suffering severe withdrawal.


Gosh….this photo gives me the creeps Mom….but I guess it DOES make me look like a very pitiful Cat Scout!!!

So, what’s a guy to do when he’s feeling LOW??????   The answer is to enjoy something near and dear to our hearts………yep……….and for me – you know that means BACON!!!!!!!


A mile-high bacon sammich!

A mile-high bacon sammich!

I told Mom to make sure and keep a good supply of the crispy, crunchy stuff on hand because who knows how long the Cat Scouts site will be dysfunctional????  A while probably……………so until I can get back there and have more fun with my buddies, I guess I’ll just be munching away.   Oh and probably pouting…….I’m very good at pouting – just ask my Mom!!!   This does remind me though – remember I made a badge for all of you who want to declare your love of the wonderfulness of Bacon?  Here it is again if you forgot to copy it when I first shared it – help yourself……………bacon is the best medicine for depression in Cat Scouts (and ALL cats and other animals in general!!!!).


So there you have it…………………I’m drowning my sorrows in bacon today.   However I want to make it clear that should Cat Scouts ever be back up and operating again, I will cut back on my bacon usage to the normal state of things – Saturday is Bacon Day……..in the meantime I’m having it as often as I can get it to keep my spirits up!

Have A Bacon-Filled Caturday!  


P.S.   Today is Henry’s 7th Birthday at My Three Moggies – make sure you stop by and wish him a HAPPY one!