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Teaser Tell-All


Hi Everybody!

First of all thanks for being patient with me and Mom while we got things up and running on the new computer.  It’s a beauty!  Mom’s got tons of new stuff to play with and learn about but the one thing we KNOW that we KNOW is how to deal with my blog – after all that’s impawtant stuff right????

Looks like a lot of you were right on with yesterday’s Teaser.  Yep – you certainly knew exactly where the photos were taken down to the street, town AND country.  Concatulations you mystery solvers – you did it again!

Here are the photos one last time (for old time’s sake…haha):

Mystery Photo

Mystery Photo

It is indeed in the lovely town of Rudesheim, Germany on the Rhine River…….one of the most wonderful stops on the vacation my parents were on at the time.  The cruise stopped along the shore, everybody got off and took a little “golf cart train” ride up to town and they were free to wander at leisure.  Of course my Dad being a beer lover extraordinaire insisted that Mom join him at that table RIGHT in the center of the photo for a brewski while they listened to the band.  Dad’s still kicking himself (and Mom would be happy to join in on the kicking I’m sure!) that he didn’t buy this group’s CD which they had there for sale.  Anyway, it was a pleasant day – they got some great souvenirs, saw the town, then back to the cruise ship for the next several days of enjoying the BEAUTIFUL Rhine River.

Who got it “right on” ????

Austin, Misaki, Easy, Mollie, Doggy, Mr. Pit , Princess Zena, Hailey & PhodNellie and Scienerf !   (Extra kudos to Doggy who gave me the actual map coordinates!)

You guys get………………………


Some of you guessed “Germany” and since that was – after all – the right country……so you get……………..


What did I do while my parents went to pick up the computer yesterday morning and set it up and blah blah blah?

If I sleep the time will go fast and my parents will be here SOONER!

If I sleep the time will go fast and my parents will be here SOONER!

Now for those of you who are “techies” and want to know just what kind of computer Mom got………..it’s an HP A6-Series Processor “All-in-One” Computer with 23″ screen and wireless keyboard and mouse.  No more big box on the floor for Mom to trip over!  No more tiny screen for her to get headaches from!  And best of all, it’s nice and quiet which means when I’m in my afghan tent in her office, I am UNDISTURBED!

How cool is that?  Speaking of cool, it was back to some coolish weather for us here in lovely Virginia.  It was cloudy in the morning yesterday but when the sun came out it got a bit warmer…upper 60s.  This morning we have a bit of very light rain but I’m hoping the REST of the day is like yesterday.  I’ll get to go outside and enjoy the day with Mom.  Dad’s planning on going flying.

Now for those of you who are birthday watchers……there are a couple more that I’m aware of coming up soon.   Our friend Oscar from My Three Moggies has his birthday on April 25th, and our friend Austin from CATachresis has his birthday on May 1st (YES EVERYBODY – MAY IS ALMOST HERE!!).

What else do I need to pass on?  Nothin’ !  Except I hope you all have a fantabulous Wednesday.  Honest I do!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Teaser Tell-All………..


It’s Wednesday Gang!  You get to find out what the HUG STATUS is around here relative to the Tuesday Teaser photos yesterday.  I have some SUPER DUPER HUGS and some BIG HUGS to pass around because you guys are just too smart for me and my old Mom!

First of all, the photos were taken by my parents on a Rhine River cruise……..lots of stops along the way on this 8 day cruise and one of the stops was in the delightful town of Rudesheim, Germany…..! 

Here’s the pix again then I’ll tell you who got it right and who got it practically right…………

The top picture is the clockworks museum in Rudesheim – my parents had a tour of that place and LOVED it…..all kinds of neat clocks and other mechanical things to see and they had a swell gift shop!

The bottom photo was the top of the street my parents walked down and on the left was a WONDERFUL beer garden where an “oom pah band” was playing.  We have a photo of that but I figured if I showed that you guys would FOR SURE know it was Germany!

Now for the fun part…………..the BIG winners (of the SUPER DUPER SAMMY HUG for knowing town AND country)  are:

Clowie of Clowie’s Corner

Easy of Easy Rider Weimaraner

Pit of Pit’s Texas Expat Blog

Nerissa of Nerissa’s Life

Nellie of Cat From Hell

You guys above get this:

Super Duper Sammy Hug

And the winners that knew it was Germany but didn’t get the right city are:

Ingrid of Conscious Cat

Texas of Texas A NY Cat

Dianna of These Days of Mine

Doggy of Doggy’s Style

Everyone at AnimalCouriers

Caren and Cody of Cat Chat

Isobel of Isobel and Cat

Savannah of Savannah’s Paw Tracks

And you guys above get THIS:


Thanks to everyone who guessed……….and I hope you find this whole Tuesday Teaser thing as much fun as me and my Mom do!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀