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Ah yes……Friday……one of those days where I always know what’s going to happen because it’s a Friday routine and it hasn’t changed in like forever! My parents do what they always do on Fridays….clean the house.

The house is alive with cleaning!

The house is alive with cleaning!

It just means for me that I need to stay one step ahead of the machine. When it’s on the main floor I’m not………if it’s on the upper floor I’m down……….if it’s in the basement I get two other floors to hide out on.

My parents were away for a couple of days so I had the whole house to myself and I tried not to make a mess. I mean how much MESS can one cat make anyway? Especially an old guy like me? There shouldn’t be that much to do in this house relative to cleaning – there’s just the three of us!    If there were a BUNCH of us – especially if there were a bunch of us cats – I might (MIGHT) organize a cleaning crew to take care of everything and let Mom and Dad have a day off cleaning.


But I don’t want to spoil them – after all – my blog is ONE SPOILED CAT – – – – I’m the only one who’s getting spoiled around here!!

Happy ROUTINE Friday

Hugs, Sammy



Furrsday – otherwise known as Thursday of course!  It’s here and it means CLEAN SHEETS………..

LOVE clean sheets!!

Oh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE clean sheets!! Almost as much as this tootsie roll I stole from Mom’s purse!

Does your Mom (or Dad) have certain days when they do certain things?  Boy do we ever have a schedule around here!  I can count on it like clockwork.  Not EVERY day is like that but certain days I know without a doubt what will be going on.

Wednesday is my Mom’s grocery shopping day.  I always have to make sure that I’ve made proper notations on her shopping list so she gets all the stuff that I want like my Temptations treats, litter if I’m almost out, kibble if it’s running low and my most favorite thing to add (but not too often or she thinks I’m greedy) is this one:

   – Yep – I’m shameless…..I sneak that on so she’ll bring home a surprise toy for me (and she does).
Thursday (Furssday) is laundry day.  If the laundry basket is full of clothes she’ll wash those too but mostly it’s sheets/towels wash day.  I love it when she puts fresh sheets on the bed – I like to hide under the sheets or blankets!
Friday is monster out of the closet day or cleaning day.  Mom and Dad share that duty.  I think it’s swell that Dad helps Mom.  He started doing that a few years ago when she was really sick.  After she was well he just kept it up!  How swell is that?! 
The other days of the week they sometimes do stuff – either together or on their own but THOSE three days are “FOR SURE IT’S GONNA HAPPEN” days.   How about you?  Do your humans do stuff like clockwork or do they keep you on your toes/pawpads wondering what they’re up to every day??????
Well, whatever is going on in your house today I hope it’s fun.  Speaking of fun – you know it won’t be long before the BIG REALLY BIG SUPER BIG HUGE VALENTINE’S BALL that Mollie and Ranger are hosting.  Did you know that Mollie has special Valentine’s Bandanas for sale on her website HERE??   Purrfect for the Ball I’d say !  Her Mom is also doing one of a kind mousepads…..amazing.  The drawings she does are fabulous and I was one of the models!  WOWZERS!
Hope to see you there!

Hope to see you there!

I hope you have a fantabulous Thursday and I’ll see you all tomorrow……..
Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀